There are everlasting experiences waiting you in Rapid. Wonderous views, adrenaline pumping activities, and special moments with your loved ones that forge the deepest memories. Ya, a visit to Rapid City will leave you thankful for a lot of things, but I'll start with these big four.

1. THe Outdoors

Solo hiker in the Black Hills
Black Hills @theunbelonging

Rapid provides easy access to the beautiful Black Hills. Within a 15-minute drive you can find the trailheads to the picture perfect summits of Stratobowl, Buzzards Roost and more. There's also miles of trails to explore right in Rapid City at either Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park or Skyline Wilderness Area. Both spots are seemingly untouched wilderness in the heart of the city. A landscape like ours offers so many ways to explore, making your vacation here one that is filled with stunning outdoor discoveries. 

2. The History and CUlture

Grover Cleveland's statue in the city of presidents
City of Presidents

You are guaranteed to learn something new during a Rapid City vacation. With a visit to the Journey Museum & Learning Center you can absorb the history of the hills covering everything from geology to Native American culture. A stop at the Museum of Geology on the campus of the School of Mines will unfold a world of minerals and fascinating fossils to explore. Explore the streets of Downtown Rapid City and see just how many American Presidents you actually know. Around every corner is something new. You'll leave with a whole lot of new information. 

3. the location

winter at mount rushmore national memorial
Mount Rushmore ©Joni Cainan

I know I already mentioned the views and outdoor activities side, but another bonus to Rapid City's location is the day trip options. Our city is quite literally surrounded by big things to do. For example, Mount Rushmore is an absolutely gorgeous 25 minute drive from Rapid City, Badlands National Park is only 60 minutes to the east, Custer State Park is a great 45 minute cruise through the hills. It's hard not to be thankful to witness so many amazing national parks, monuments and memorials along with some spectacular state parks all in one location.

4. The Food and beverage scene

Bartender pouring a smoked beverage at the Blind Lion Speakeasy
Blind Lion Speakeasy

While selecting your vacation destination might not solely reside on the restaurants, it's still an important. For Rapid City’s size, the restaurants, breweries and night life options are rather impressive. Rapid offers all the big city amenities, but at a slower pace. With a strong brewery scene, a winery, rooftop bars, an arcade bar, and even a hidden speakeasy, you've got options to make each night of vacation different from the last. The restaurants here also hit on every flavor profile you're looking for. Get cozy with classic comfort food, warm up with a delicious bowl of Ramen, treat yourself to a South Dakota specialty, or find unbeatable Italian flavors. Every meal gets better and better in Rapid City.

You'll be thankful for a lot of the experiences Rapid City has to offer, but to discover them all you have to come see for yourself.