Welcome to our Testimonials page, where the experiences of meeting planners speak for themselves. Here, you'll find a collection of genuine accounts from professionals who have partnered with Visit Rapid City to create bold, successful meetings and events. Dive in and discover first-hand how Visit Rapid City can elevate your next meeting to an experience beyond expectations.

Absolutely Imperative to Our Success

Though I knew this industry well, the team at Rapid City knows their community and business partners incredibly well. The advice, ability to jump on tasks, and use their relationships to the advantage of the planner was absolutely imperative to our success.

- Pipe Hitter Union Motorcycle Club, National Meeting

Invaluable Resource

Visit Rapid City was an invaluable resource when planning our trip to South Dakota. They assisted in planning our activities, recommending vendors and provided "goodie bags" of local information for each of our participants.

- American Soybean Association, ASA Action Partnership

Easy to Work With & Responded Quickly

I started planning my meeting by contacting Visit Rapid City and received great service. They obtained several quotes for us with various properties and did it again when we changed our dates. They were easy to work with an always responded quickly to my many questions. I highly recommend Visit Rapid City for planning your next meeting!

- AaLadin Industry Inc.

Valuable Input

No matter what the question, Visit Rapid City provided contacts, suggestions and valuable input.

- Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Conference of Grand Masters

Huge Success

Visit Rapid City did everything they could to entice us to return and then did a wonderful job to help make our convention a huge success.

- Church of God, A Worldwide Association, Fest of Tabernacles

Great At Problem Solving

Visit Rapid City has been an amazing partner and has really out-shown any of the other groups that I've worked with.

- Valerie Durham, FreedomFest

Valerie Durham Testimonial | FreedomFest