An Opportunity to Touch the Berlin Wall

History is at your fingertips in Rapid City’s Memorial Park where you’ll find a section of the Berlin Wall. This exhibit displays two segments of the wall bordered by two tank traps. The walking path leading to the wall segments feature several informational plaques providing a deeper understanding of its historical significance and a reminder to build bridges and not walls.

Know Before You Go

  • Free

Best Time to Visit
  • Visit during Memorial Day and you can also attend the special Black Hills War Monument Memorial Day Ceremony that happens within the park!

Don’t Miss This 
  • Memorial Park is full of memorials and statues that highlight the history and people of our area. Don’t snooze on an opportunity to experience the rest of the park! You can walk to Memorial Park from Downtown Rapid City or find ample parking next to the Berlin Wall exhibit.

Rapid City is full of surprises, our Berlin Wall exhibit being one of them. Wondering how it got here? It all started when these segments came to Rapid City as part of a traveling exhibit in the 1990s. Dive deeper into the story and discover the connection it has in the area.