City of Presidents

In the heart of where legends tread and tales take shape, Rapid City earns its stripes as the City of Presidents. Wander downtown, and you'll find yourself amidst a gathering of greats, cast in bronze and frozen in time. Each life-sized statue stands as a tribute to the leaders whose footsteps echo in history's halls. It's our way of honoring the past, with a wink and a nod to the future, making history not just something you read about, but something you can reach out and touch.

Bring the President statues to life with our

Audio Tour

City of President Mobile Tour

Mobile Tour

Navigate the City of Presidents with our Mobile Tour: your digital compass equipped with a detailed map, a comprehensive directory of each statue, and the choice to dive into history by either reading or listening to their storied pasts. It's your all-in-one toolkit for presidential exploration.

Two women using the City of Presidents Audio Tour in Rapid City South Dakota

Dial-In Tour

Tune into history with our Dial-In Tour. Simply call 605-221-4921 to get started and immerse yourself in their narrative. To help navigate the dial-in tour, grab a City of Presidents brochure from our office at 613 Main St., and let the presidential tales guide your journey.

The Story Behind One of Rapid City’s Most Monumental Attractions Feb 15
  • 3 minute read

Believe it or not, Rapid City wasn’t always known as the City of Presidents, and Downtown Rapid City was not the must-see destination it is today. The corners where statues now stand were empty, Art Alley was a blank canvas, and Main Street Square was a parking lot. But when a local man…

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