U.S. Highway 385 will be under partial construction from 2024-2027 and may impact certain driving routes. 

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Scenic Cruising

The rule of thumb in the Black Hills is that if it’s on the map, it’s worth driving; whether by car or motorcycle. With a multitude of pristine two-lane roads through stunning scenery and diverse terrain, the cruising opportunities are limitless. We’ve highlighted a few must-see areas for your enjoyment.


Fall Colors

Don’t miss one of the best opportunities for enjoying the outdoors in Rapid City! Starting in September, you can experience the breathtaking beauty of western South Dakota in a kaleidoscope of fall colors. Come experience the vibrant…

Top 10 Scenic Cruises

Rapid City, South Dakota is not just a destination, but a journey of breathtaking views. Dive into our list of the most scenic routes in our area. With each drive, you'll find yourself captivated by stunning landscapes and breathtaking…