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Top Things To Do Near Mount Rushmore National Memorial 


Here’s your guide to all the exciting things to do around Mount Rushmore! That’s right, the adventure doesn't stop after you’ve experienced the mountain of monumental faces. There's fun waiting just around the corner. From family-friendly attractions to thrilling outdoor activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

curvy part of iron mountain road in the black hills of south dakota with biker riding

Outdoor Fun


Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 7 minutes

This high-flying adventure spot introduces you to the Rushmore area in a way you've never seen before. Catch breathtaking views of the Black Hills as you coast down the alpine slide, cruise above treetops on a zipline, or sit back on a relaxing ride to a mountain top grill and bar. 

Horsethief Lake Trailhead

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 9 minutes

The 5.4-mile out-and-back trailhead at Horsethief Lake is the perfect starting point for those craving a stunning and less challenging hiking experience. There’s an indescribable energy stirring in the Black Hills, so lace up and experience its magnetic pull. 

Breezy Point Picnic Area

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 7 minutes

Level up your picnic with this spot where you can gaze for miles taking in incredible granite spires, the summit of Black Elk Peak, the iconic faces of Mount Rushmore, and the expansive beauty of Black Elk Wilderness. Pack a picnic and stay for a while, this captivating overlook is worth the time.

Iron Mountain Road

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 6 minutes

This isn't just another road, but a journey that caters to those unafraid of unforgettable landscapes, tight tunnels, and the occasional Mount Rushmore sightings. Buckle up, this 17-mile stretch is where cruising the Black Hills really comes alive.

kid holding a python with handler from reptile gardens at the world's largest reptile zoo in rapid city, sd

Indoor Fun

Cosmos Mystery Area

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 15 minutes

Cosmos Mystery Area is where mysteries replace logic, and laws of nature take strange and amusing twists. Stare in wonder as balls roll uphill and gravity behaves absurdly. It’s a mind boggling experience all ages will enjoy.

Reptile Gardens

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 23 minutes

Jam-packed with fun, Reptile Gardens is an unforgettable encounter with a large collection of reptiles, unlike your average zoo visit. Explore the tropical oasis created in the many garden spaces and feel the excitement of a live gator feeding during a captivating show. It's an iconic attraction that refuses to blend in, serving up legendary experiences all season long.

Bear Country USA

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 21 minutes

Welcome to Bear Country USA – where meeting the wild is an everyday encounter. This drive through wildlife park is where family fun meets fearless adventure. The only requirement? Keep your windows firmly closed.

Rushmore Candy Company

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 22 minutes

Treat your sweet side to Rushmore Candy Company. Allow your senses to be carried away by the colorful collection of candies waiting for you to taste. 

1880 train with passenger car making its way through the pine trees of the black hills in south dakota Travel South Dakota



The City of Presidents

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 34 minutes

The perfect complement to Mount Rushmore spans the streets of Downtown Rapid City. The City of Presidents walking tour offers a better refresh on past American Presidents than most history books. You can dial into history with the audio tour and add some competitive fun with the scavenger hunt. 

Crazy Horse Memorial©

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 36 minutes

You can’t see one iconic mountain carving without making your way to the other taking shape in the Black Hills. Crazy Horse Memorial© is an unforgettable tribute to Native American culture. You can get up closer to the carving by taking an easy bus ride to the mountain's base. Look up and absorb the magnitude of the world's largest in-progress mountain carving. For those feeling more daring, join the exclusive Face-to-Face tour. Or visit for the biannual Volksmarch event to join others on the memorable hike to the top. 

The 1880 Train – Keystone Depot

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 8 minutes

All aboard for a unique and authentic trip through history. Combine Black Hills sightseeing with a narrated tour as you relax in one of the most memorable transportation modes in the region. The 1880 train travels between Hill City and Keystone allowing you to start and stop from either location or ride roundtrip. 

Black Hills Helicopters

Distance from Mount Rushmore: 11 minutes

Hover high above the Black Hills with an unforgettable tour from Black Hills Helicopters. They offer a variety of tours that allow you to get a new point of view of some of the area’s iconic destinations you’re going to want to see from up high.