Why Choose Rapid City

Rapid City's blend of contemporary amenities, historic roots and iconic landscapes, paired with our 'South Dakota nice' hospitality, creates an unforgettable meeting experience that will surprise attendees and keep them talking long after the journey home. Keep reading to discover the top five reasons to meet in Rapid City below.

Top 5 Reasons to Meet Here

1. Big City Perks With a Small Town Feel

Rapid City stands as South Dakota's second-largest metropolis and the Midwest's fastest-growing urban area, offering an atmosphere comparable to that of major cities across the country, but with an the advantage of the Black Hills just minutes away from city center.

2. Distinctive Downtown Charm

Downtown Rapid City is a hub of varied dining experiences, unique attractions, and more, all conveniently accessible on foot. Groups can discover Native American art at Prairie Edge Trading Company & Galleries, wander the vibrant murals of Art Alley, and encounter the impressive presidential statues in the City of Presidents.

3. Legendary Roots

Rapid City is surrounded by 10 iconic monuments and landmarks that stand as testaments to our nation's history. Gaze upon our founding fathers at Mount Rushmore, see the world's largest mountain carving in progress at Crazy Horse Memorial®, and visit Devils Tower, our nations first national monument.

4. STEM Programs

Rapid City proudly hosts three major academic institutions -- South Dakota School of Mines, Western Dakota Tech, and Black Hills State University. These universities contribute significantly to the local economy and also add a layer a specialized knowledge and expertise to meetings and conventions held in the area, enriching them with industry specific intelligence.

5. Bold Group Adventures

In Rapid City, when your day is over, it's not really over. Try team-building activities like kayaking, a hot air balloon flight, taking on an obstacle course in the pines, a buffalo jeep safari ride in Custer State Park or a team hike.