Hiking Trails in the Black Hills Area

There's an indescribable energy that stirs within the wilderness of the Black Hills. As you hit the trails among the ponderosa pines, prepare to unearth the unexpected. With Badlands National Park, Black Hills National Forest, and Black Elk Wilderness all at your fingertips from Rapid City, miles of hiking opportunities await. Whether you're a beginner or experienced hiker, the diverse trails of the area offer a chance to explore South Dakota’s adventure country.

For a quick hike, explore trails within the city limits, or venture just 30 minutes from Rapid City for more options. Alternatively, you can fill your day with outdoor adventures in the surrounding parks, memorials, and monuments.

Discover the uniqueness of our trails — from historic routes to panoramic vistas. Experience hidden waterfalls, towering granite spires, and historic overlooks. Adventure here exists not only on a grand scale but also in quiet moments, such as stepping over babbling brooks or witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat.


Heading to Rapid City in search of epic outdoor adventures? You’re coming to the right place. Pick and choose from the activities below to piece together three full days of outdoor fun at famous parks and monuments and in the city.