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Crazy Horse Memorial®


Allow us to introduce you to the legends of all legends. Born in 1840, along Rapid Creek, Crazy Horse rose to become one of the most recognized Native American figures of the Lakota Indian Tribe, second only to Sitting Bull. Cemented in history as a Native American war leader and fearless defender of Native American culture, territory and life; Crazy Horse not only represents the freedom of the Native American spirit, but a continuing effort to preserve Native American culture within the American society. His monumental legacy inspired the world's largest mountain carving, currently in progress right here in the Black Hills of South Dakota only a 40-minute drive from Rapid City. 

The Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation was created to protect and promote North American Indian culture and heritage. This distinctive project offers not just the ongoing carving of the Crazy Horse Memorial®, but also educational and cultural enrichment. It houses the Indian Museum of North America® and the Native American Educational and Cultural Center®, and supports the Indian University of North America®.  At the campus visitors can also enjoy a meal with an exceptional view at the Laughing Water Restaurant®, witness special performances, and embark on an adventure that shares insights about tradition, culture, and heritage. Each visit to the Crazy Horse Memorial® is a unique, unforgettable experience.

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