In Rapid City and the Black Hills we’ve got the space to play and loads of photo worthy locations to explore. Get out there and start sprinkling your feed with these top ten instagrammable spots. 

1.    Mount Rushmore

The front runner of the most instagrammable places is pretty rock solid – Mount Rushmore. These four faces look good from every angle and can’t seem to take a bad photo. Try it out for yourself, they really add that “it” factor to your shot. 


2.    Badlands National Park

Move over layer cakes, you’ve got nothing on the layers of the Badlands. Rain or shine these sediment layers forming the eroding shapes of Badlands National Park pop in any photo. Combine that with the rays of a rising or setting sun and you’ve got literal Instagram gold, not to mention a photo you should probably frame. 

3.    Art Alley

Remember when you use to get in trouble for drawing on the walls of your house as a child? Oh, you never did that? Me either… Well picture that but on city buildings for an entire alleyway. And the best part – they’re done by talented artists, so they put your old house scribbles to shame. 

4.    City of Presidents

You don’t have to go far before you notice a presidential pattern taking place on the sidewalks of Downtown Rapid City. These famous faces make up a walking tour with prime posing opportunities as well as a chance to refresh on history if you need it. Give Jimmy Carter a high-five, feed the birds with Benjamin Harrison, or take a seat next to Martin Van Buren, you’ve got 40+ options to strike your best pose.

5.    Custer State Park

Whether you hoof it to the top of South Dakota’s tallest peak, make direct eye contact with a bison through your car window, or float on the cool waters of one of the many mountain lakes - Custer State Park is what photo dreams are made of. It’s a state park that rivals many national parks so it’s easy to visualize the glorious content you can capture and the spectacular views you can take in. 

6.    Reptile Gardens

You’ll never meet reptiles that take better photos than the ones at Reptile Gardens. So, on top of befriending an Aldabra Tortoise, you’ll have one epic photo to remember it. The safari room offers a jungle like landscape that’s dreamy to explore, makes for a great backdrop, and offers close encounters with birds, lizards and more. Oh, and did I mention the abundance of over 40,000 other beautiful flowers scattered across their grounds?

7.    Crazy Horse Memorial®

Bring your Instagram photos up in scale when you visit the world’s largest mountain carving in progress. Standing 641 feet long and 563 feet high he dominates every photo near or far. Posing in front of his 87 ft. face during a private tour or the Volksmarch event makes a person feel miniature in comparison. 

8.    Dinosaur Park

They’re quirky, they’re green and they’re over 80 years old – but you best believe these dino’s can still work the camera. Something we all hope for when we reach that age. With seven creatures to pick from and an iconic view of the city, it’s prime real estate for your newest Instagram photo. 

*Dinosaur Park will be closed for construction until May 2023. 

9.    Spearfish Canyon

TLC got it wrong, we are all about chasing waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon, and then taking photos of them. The twists and turns of this canyon reveal towering limestone walls, greenery that changes with each season, and trails that not only show you how out of shape you are but also offer up some of the best views around. 

10.    The 1880 Train

It's the closest you'll get to the Hogwarts Express in South Dakota. This train ride through the mountains offers picturesque views out every window as you cruise through rolling hills and ponderosa pines. Sit back, relax, and snap a selfie or two as you enjoy a narrated tour through the Black Hills. 

The beautiful and iconic attractions found in Rapid City and the Black Hills make for one photogenic area. Get out and explore this list and more, and don’t forget to use #VisitRapidCity when you’re sharing them out on the gram.