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Racing-Magpie Art Wes Eisenhauer

Explore Rapid City from a Different Perspective

Beauty in our area exists beyond our stunning landscapes. It can also be found on paper, pottery, walls, sidewalks and even utility boxes. Discover the talent of local artists and seek out inspiration of your own.

Utility-Box mural

Outdoor Art

Fresh air and vitamin D pair perfectly with Rapid City’s outdoor art scene. Enjoy a walk around Downtown Rapid City and appreciate these unique stops.

Art Alley

This alley is more than just the backs of buildings. Since the early 2000’s, it has morphed from artists hanging large canvases on the walls to painting directly on them. Its home to messages, ideas and dreams of those who lived here or who have visited. Once artists obtain a permit, they can add their mark to the ever-changing walls of Art Alley for others to enjoy. 

City of Presidents

Rapid City’s scene art isn’t just inspirational, it’s also educational. Tour the City of Presidents and get to know our nations leaders. These bronze statues are life size reflecting the height and weight of the men they’re modeled after. Their poses are selected based off accomplishments during their time in office, or a well-known personal trait. Make sure to get a close look - the details are amazing!

Downtown Utility Boxes

You’re probably confused why this made the list. In Rapid City, we seek beauty in unexpected places and will make any surface a creative canvas. With a stroll around downtown, you’ll see just that. Some brilliant local minds took something that was once plain and unsightly and enhanced it by wrapping them in stunning local artwork ranging from photography to paintings. 


Native American Art

Native American culture has many beautiful traditions and ways of sharing their heritage. A favorite for many to witness is the handmade artwork you can find at these local Rapid City locations. 

Dakota Drum Company

Take in the traditional craftsmanship of hand painted drums and buffalo hides by Lakota Artist Sonja Holy Eagle. Visitors can often watch Sonja at work right in the store and have an opportunity to speak with her about her designs or the process in which she creates these high-quality items. Dakota Drum also carries traditional beadwork and quillwork made by artists from the Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge, Standing Rock and Rosebud reservations. 

Prairie Edge Trading Co. and Galleries

Spanning half a block and standing two stories tall, Prairie Edge Trading Co. and Galleries is a treasure trove of magnificent items. Within its walls you can find locally made items, authentic Native American art and so much more. The purpose of this store is to educate the public and preserve the heritage and culture of the Northern Plains Indians while providing the Northern Plains Indian artists an outlet for their work. 

Dahl Arts Center

Local Galleries

The artists of Rapid City and Black Hills create one of kind pieces that showcase many astonishing things about our home. Explore their perspective at these local galleries. 

Dahl Arts Center

Since 1974, the Dahl Arts Center has served as a premier western South Dakota arts center for contemporary visual arts, arts education along with performing arts. During a visit you can explore their rotating exhibits in their five visual art galleries, young ones can experience the interactive children’s gallery, visit their gift shop, or sign up for a class to get a hands-on experience. 

Suzie Cappa Art Center

The Suzie Cappa Art Center believes that disability is not a boundary and that all people can be creative in a supportive environment. In their downtown location visitors discover the work from artists of all abilities. This studio and gallery provides a space for over 20 full-time artists and a few part-time to create and sell their artwork.


Artistic Souvenirs

Find the perfect gift or souvenir to take home at these local shops who support the work of local artists. 

Alex Johnson Mercantile

Shop a variety of local and regional arts and crafts at Alex Johnson Mercantile located inside Rapid City’s historic hotel! From hand-painted feathers to Black Hills Gold you can browse this local shop for the perfect gift or souvenir. 

Art House (formerly Perfect Hanging Gallery)

Find more than a custom framing shop when you explore Art House! This local shop displays a great collection of local and regional fine art, authentic maps of South Dakota, unique puzzles, decorative paper and more items that make excellent gifts. 


Featuring passionate and specially trained jewelry makers, JewelryMonk Studio and Training Center makes it easy to find something you’ll love. In this shop you can choose from a wide selection of handmade jewelry, including a unique Jewelry By DeCory Lakota legacy line inspired by the storied culture of the Lakota people and the beauty of the Black Hills.