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Perfectly situated between the Black Hills and Badlands, Rapid City, South Dakota is more than a destination - it's a gateway to bold adventures and timeless narratives. With a bounty of attractions that range from ten parks and monuments to the City of Presidents, Rapid offers a rich story of history, nature, and culture that goes beyond the everyday. Set foot in a land where natural wonders have been forming for eons and unexpected surprises are at every turn. Explore things to do in Rapid - where every season is adventure season.

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33 Fun Free Things To Do In Rapid City And The Black Hills May 01
  • 9 minute read

We are firm believers that the best vacations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and that the words fun and free aren’t a thing of the past. In our area, there’s plenty of amazing free places to experience that might just be the highlight of your vacation. So, in no particular…

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