Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Black Hills, Rapid City offers a plethora of remarkable experiences for visitors. Whether you're planning a corporate outing, a team building experience, or a group excursion, this vibrant city boasts exclusive options that will leave lasting memories. From awe-inspiring natural wonders to immersive historical reenactments, here are the top ways to make your group say WOW during your visit.

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Hold a Banquet at Mount Rushmore

Sunset on the Grand View Terrace at Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

Imagine dining in the presence of American history. At Mount Rushmore, your group can enjoy an unforgettable banquet with the iconic presidential sculptures as your backdrop. Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Black Hills, this exclusive experience will surely leave you in awe. And they’ve got great food, too!

Walk on the Arm of a Mighty Chief

Hikers on the arm of Crazy Horse Memorial during the Volksmarch
©Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

For a closer look at the world’s largest mountain carving in progress, consider taking a tour onto the arm of the impressive Crazy Horse Memorial®. Gain insight into the vision behind this ongoing project while marveling at the intricate details of this cultural landmark. This unique experience offers a one-of-a-kind perspective of Native American history and craftsmanship and the biggest closeup you might ever seen of Crazy Horse himself.

Step Back in Time at Blind Lion Speakeasy

Bartender prepares a cocktail at Blind Lion Speakeasy
Blind Lion Speakeasy

Transport your group to the captivating era of the roaring '20s at the Blind Lion Speakeasy. This hidden gem allows you to rent out the entire space, offering an intimate and exclusive setting in a moody atmosphere. Savor handcrafted cocktails and indulge in delectable cuisine while relishing the ambiance of a bygone era.

Host a Private Event at Elks Theatre

elks movie theatre sign and entrance lit up at night in downtown rapid city south dakota
Elks Theatre @josuvious_11

Immerse yourself in the history and charm of Rapid City by hosting a private event at the historic Elks Theatre – Rapid City’s transformed opera house with the largest screen in the state. With its rich architectural heritage and elegant interiors, this venue provides a unique atmosphere for gatherings, whether it's a corporate presentation or a celebratory occasion.

Hold a Memorable Gathering at Main Street Square

Main Street Square
Main Street Square

If you're seeking a vibrant outdoor venue, Main Street Square is the perfect choice. Known as Rapid City's living room, this dynamic public space offers the opportunity to host a private event amidst its lively atmosphere. With its picturesque surroundings like dancing fountains and historic downtown buildings, it provides an ideal setting for group activities, live performances, and private events.

Experience the Wild West by Gunfight

Gunfight Reenactment in Deadwood
Gunfight Reenactment in Deadwood

Transport your group back to the Wild West with a thrilling gunfight reenactment on the brick streets of Deadwood. Experience the excitement and adrenaline as you witness expert performers recreate unusual, historical shootouts. This immersive activity offers a captivating glimpse into the region's legendary past.

Get Up Close to Wildlife on a Buffalo Jeep Safari at Custer State Park

Jeep Safari Ride in Custer State Park
Jeep Safari Ride in Custer State Park ©Travel South Dakota

Embark on a thrilling adventure through Custer State Park's vast landscapes on a Buffalo Jeep Safari Tour. Encounter majestic herds of buffalo up close and personal, while knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the park's rich wildlife and natural beauty. This exclusive tour offers a unique way to experience the Black Hills.

Drink and Dine on the Historic Black Hills Central Railroad

1880 Train
1880 Train ©Travel South Dakota

Step aboard the historic 1880 Train and travel back in time on a luxurious train car reserved exclusively for your group. Enjoy a curated menu of delightful food and drinks as you soak in the stunning scenery of the Black Hills. This nostalgic journey provides a perfect blend of history, relaxation, and culinary delights.

Take a VIP Helicopter Experience Tour

Helicopter view of Mount Rushmore
Helicopter View of Mount Rushmore

For an unparalleled birds-eye view of the breathtaking Black Hills, indulge in a VIP experience with Black Hills Helicopters. Soar above the rugged landscape, taking in panoramic views of stunning rock formations, serene lakes, and lush forests. This exclusive adventure promises to be an extraordinary highlight of your visit.

Rapid City truly offers a diverse range of exclusive experiences that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your group. For all exclusive offerings, please contact us.