New Restaurants

Discover remarkable dining spots established within the last two years. Uncork a menu of culinary delights making a legendary mark in our city. Not just for any ‘foodie’ but for everyone who appreciates great food in a welcoming environment. Savor Rapid City's latest array of restaurants, where each dish tells a story as memorable as our landscape.

Diamond E Collective

  • 523 Main St.
  • (605) 416-2919

Nestled in the heart of Downtown, Diamond E Collective mesmerizes everyone with its multifaceted charm. This unique hub fosters a spirit of community through its farmers collective, providing farm-to-table foods that delight the palate…

Bengal Kitchen

  • 1415 N Lacrosse St.

Savor a menu that features a variety of traditional Bangladeshi dishes, each made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. From savory biryanis to flavorful curries, you are sure to find something to love on their menu! Halal and vegetarian…

Holy Sm-Oaks Craft BBQ

  • 725 Main St.

Holy Sm-oaks Craft BBQ emerges as a new culinary destination, where the tantalizing scent of smoked ribs wafts through the air. This restaurant offers a journey of flavors and a story of culinary dedication and a commitment to…

Sasuke Ramen House

  • 2335 West Main St.
  • (605) 791-2122

Sasuke Ramen House, situated in the vibrant West side of Rapid City, is a gem among local eateries. Specializing in authentic ramen dishes, they offer a wide variety of food options including delectable Ramen, enticing Bento Boxes, and…

Ugly Graffiti Downtown

  • 725 Saint Joseph Street
  • (605) 716-0360

Enjoy signature dishes like Carnitas Flatbread Tacos, Chicken Bacon Ranch Nachos or Korean BBQ Beef and other bold flavors at this local, veteran-owned eatery. Transforming a popular food truck into a downtown restaurant, this one-stop spot…

Kathmandu Momo House

  • 405 Canal St.
  • (605) 791-3210

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary journey at Kathmandu Momo House in Rapid City. This haven is renowned for Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan cuisine, with the star attraction - 'Momo'; a scrumptious steamed dumpling. Savor a menu bustling…

Ramen Satto

  • 1575 N. Lacrosse St.

Dine in for lunch or dinner at this quaint Japanese restaurant serving delicious bowls of ramen. Menu items include a variety of flavorful soups and fresh, springy noodles. Don't miss out on mouthwatering appetizers like gyoza and squid…


  • 1565 Haines Avenue
  • (605) 716-6202

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant environment at Albertano's. The restaurant offers a unique blend of traditional recipes and contemporary culinary artistry and delivers an exquisite dining experience that feels like a warm and…

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