Alternative Routes

From Rapid City

As U.S. Highway 385 undergoes major construction within the Black Hills, impacting some driving routes, we're committed to keeping your adventure alive and uninterrupted. While specific sections are under development, many parts of the highway remain accessible, offering direct access to outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and climbing.

For detailed information on accessible routes and to plan your visit around these enhancements, please visit U.S. Highway 385 Construction website. Rest assured, your exploration of the Black Hills will be as enriching and vibrant as ever.

US Highway 16

Traveling to attractions and outdoor recreations in the Southern Black Hills from Rapid City is easily accessible along US Highway 16. To guarantee a smooth journey, regularly consult the US Highway 385 Construction Updates website as you navigate this region.

Interstate 90

The construction along US Highway 385 will impact the scenic route to the Northern Black Hills, but opting for Interstate 90 provides a faster trip, allowing you to spend more time in this destination. Depart from Rapid City and continue westward on Interstate 90 to reach the communities highlighted below.

Receive Text Updates

To stay updated on the US Highway 385 construction, you can subscribe to the Department of Transportation text service.

Simply text US385 to 605-566-4041.

Detour Route Map

To best guide you on official and suggested detours, take a look at the map created by the Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association.