Art Alley

Right Up Your Alley

A slight detour off Main Street drops you into a stunning expression of Rapid City’s creative community. Expect to be dazzled with bright color and ingenious creativity on a stroll through the heart of Downtown. Art Alley, situated between 6th and 7th Streets, began as a public art project in 2005 and has become a living tribute to freedom of expression. Free-form graffiti murals intermingle with pop art, abstract and cultural works in a constantly changing display of local and visiting talent. Artists with big reputations and bigger dreams are regularly given a free pass to make their mark on Rapid City.

As inspiring as the art is the community that supports it. Open-minded and embracing of many forms of expression, Rapid City challenges and evolves visitors’ definitions of what it means to create art. Are you game for a little mind blowing, and like so many of us, ready to snap a lot of pictures?