Rapid City and outdoor experiences will go hand in hand during your family vacation. Our area offers ways to get outside and explore for every level of wanderer and every age group. Whether your family is new to trekking trails or more experienced roamers - these five trails offer everything you need for some quality time in the beautiful outdoors. 

Cathedral Spires Trail

1.6 Mile Out and Back | Rated Moderate

Surround yourself in the granite spires of Custer State Park with a hiking excursion at Cathedral Spires. Driving through these unreal spires is mesmerizing, but getting out and walking among them is truly breathtaking. It will be a hike the whole family will love!

Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park or M Hill

Multiple Trail Options | Ranges in Difficulty

Without even leaving town you can explore the beautiful hiking paths of M Hill (Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park). This forested escape just five minutes from downtown offers over 20 miles of hiking trails ranging in difficulty with some walking paths that are perfect for families. Plus, once at the top you’ll witness excellent views of the city and the Black Hills.

Osprey Trail at Pactola

2.8 Mile Loop | Rated Easy

What’s better than the fresh smell of ponderosa pines and the sparkling waters of the gorgeous Pactola Reservoir? That’s what Osprey Trail provides for you and your family. This beautiful hike offers several scenic spots perfect for a family picnic and multiple spots to dip your toes in the water.

Stratobowl Rim Trail

1.7 Mile Out and Back | Rated Easy

Take an easy and leisurely stroll to the opening of the Stratobowl! Just a quick 15-minute drive from Rapid City, this historical location offers beautiful scenery and a stunning overlook. While you’re there you can also read about the history of the location. For those hiking with young kids, know this trail does end overlooking a canyon. 

Roughlock Falls Trail

2.1 Out and Back | Rated Easy

Take this relaxing stroll along Little Spearfish Creek in Spearfish Canyon to find the captivating multi-tiered waters of Roughlock Falls. Hikers can follow the walking path and marked trails to this tranquil place. It’s a great spot to enjoy a family picnic and snap some candid family photos. 

Pick one or tackle them all with your family while you’re on vacation. You won’t be disappointed with the views and memories you’ll make along the way!