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Crank Up the Family Fun With These 7 Adventures


Exploring Rapid City and the Black Hills is fun for all ages, and when you adventure as a family, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime.


Get a Little Wild


For the young, and young at heart, nothing beats getting a little wild with family. 

Bring Wild To Life

All windows up, this attraction puts the wild in wildlife. Welcome to the largest collection of privately owned Black Bears in the United States - Bear Country USA. From the comfort of your own vehicle, watch as wildlife roam past your window. Home to a variety of North American wildlife like Black Bears, Elk, coyotes, bison and more, it’s a drive the whole family will remember. 

Have A Wild Experience

From feeding gators to petting pythons, a visit to Reptile Gardens is full of wild adventures. Here you'll unearth fascinating creatures around every corner! While home to some of the world's deadliest snakes, visitors can also expect to find colorful gardens, talkative birds, and a whole lot of turtles.


Experience Something Monumental


The best family vacations teach children something textbooks can’t compete with. 

Stand Before Monumental Faces

They can read about Mount Rushmore and the men who’s faces are carved into the granite, but what makes the history memorable is the moment they spend standing in front of it with family. Looking up at one of the most iconic landmarks in our nation, children can truly take in the significance of this memorial, appreciate the men who risked their lives to carve it, and have a hands-on learning experience throughout the park.

Climb On Monumental Beasts

Built during the depression era, and spotted from all over town, Dinosaur Park is nothing short of monumental to all in Rapid City. This park features seven cement dinosaurs representing fossils that have been discovered throughout the Midwest. Read about each as you explore the park so you can call them by name!

Rub Elbows With Monumental Men

What better way to learn about the men who have served as President of the United States than to rub elbows with them in Downtown Rapid City. Each bronze statue is a replica of the man displaying their height and weight, with the exception of William Howard Taft. Taft was the largest president in history whose weight in bronze wasn’t feasible for this privately funded effort. This monumental walking tour known as the City of Presidents, is one of the best ways to learn, or refresh your memory, on the names of America’s leaders! 


Have a Memorable Meal


Delicious meals the whole family will love and no one has to stress about cooking are easy to find in Rapid City.


Downtown Diggs

Families love dining at the Firehouse Brewing Company in Downtown Rapid City. Housed in Rapid City’s original firehouse, the theme still lives strong in the restaurant. Take in the old firefighting equipment and memorabilia that decorates the walls and check out the original fireman pole. Kids will even receive their own fireman hat that they can take home! It’s the combination of an awesome atmosphere and mouthwatering food that make this spot a hit for locals and visitors alike. 

Tastes Like Home

Looking for a homestyle meal surrounded by people who treat you like family of their own? Head to the Colonial House. Conveniently located on Mt. Rushmore Road, this local restaurant strives to put their love of cooking in front of each visitor. While you’re waiting for your meal, play an epic game of “I Spy” using the collection of décor scattering the walls that range from vintage to well…slightly weird.