Popular South Dakota Foods You Have To Try And Where To Find Them

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October 31, 2023

From the mouthwatering Chicago deep dish pizza to the hearty Massachusetts clam chowder, every state boasts its iconic dishes – and South Dakota is no exception. Here are a few of our state specialties and local Rapid City restaurants where you can find them! 


plate of chislic skewers with dipping sauce

One of the most iconic and probably the highest recommended food in South Dakota is Chislic. This cubed red meat, typically beef or lamb, is deep fried or grilled and served with a tasty dipping sauce. Simple, yet utterly delicious. Here’s where you can get a taste: Dakotah Steakhouse, Tally’s Silver Spoon, Murphy’s Pub & Grill, Bokujo Ramen, Thristy's, The Park.

Fry Bread

indian taco on bed of lettuce with all the topping from bashful bison in rapid city sd
The Bashful Bison

Fry Bread is a traditional Native American bread made by frying a dough mixture of flour, water, and salt until golden brown and puffy. This versatile bread can be enjoyed on its own, sprinkled with powdered sugar or honey, or used as a base for toppings like chili, beans, or cheese to create a flavorful dish known as an 'Indian taco.' You can try fry bread in various forms in Rapid City at places like: Bashful Bison, Dakotah Steakhouse, Thirsty's


Plate of breaded walleye fingers with lemon juice being squeezed on them

Walleye, the official state fish of South Dakota, may not be a familiar choice for some. It's a freshwater fish known for its mild, slightly sweet flavor with low levels of fishiness. Local restaurants in South Dakota have perfected their walleye dishes to provide a unique culinary experience. Treat yourself to the best walleye around at one of these locations: Dakotah Steakhouse, Colonial House, Shipwrecks.


bison meatloaf on a bed of mash potatoes topped with veggies served at murphy's in rapid city, sd
Murphy's Pub & Grill

Bison is leaner and more tender than beef with a delicious, slightly sweeter, flavor but not “gamey”. Rapid City restaurants take pride in showing off this meat, you can find it uniquely incorporated into many dishes around town: Tally’s Silver Spoon, Dakotah Steakhouse, Colonial House, Bokujo Ramen, Murphy’s Pub and Grill, Firehouse Brewing Company, Bashful Bison.


kuchen dessert drizzled with strawberry sauce at dakotah steakhouse in rapid city, sd
Dakotah Steakhouse

Pronounced as “koo-ken”, this is actually South Dakota’s state dessert. Kuchen is German for “cake” but that’s not all it is. This heavenly mixture of cake, pie, creamy custard and often fruit is a spoonful of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Get your hands on it at one of these locations: Dakotah Steakhouse, Bashful Bison, Fork Real Café.

Local Rapid City restaurants are creatively showcasing these iconic South Dakota foods. Don't miss the opportunity to savor these delicious treats and discover new culinary experiences. And while you're at it, earn exciting prizes with our free SoDak Foodie Finds mobile pass! Find more ways to treat your tastebuds in Rapid City in the related content below.