Top 10 Things To Do At Mount Rushmore

The four famous faces at Mount Rushmore National Memorial are a spectacle to see, but did you know there's more to do at the park than gaze upon the sculpture? Check out the top 10 things to do below to make the most of your monumental vacation.

1 - Avenue of Flags

Take a walk along the avenue of flags during your Mount Rushmore vacation where these 56 impressive symbols of heritage and history guide you towards the presidents overlooking the Black Hills. 

2 - Meet Gutzon Borglum

An American Artist and sculptor, Gutzon Borglum brought Mount Rushmore to life in 1927. Learn more about the tools and materials inside the Sculptors Studio.

3 - Eat Thomas Jefferson's Ice Cream

Without Thomas Jefferson, we may not have this delicious treat. Give your Mount Rushmore vacation a taste of the first recorded ice cream recipe in American history. 

4 - Walk the Presidential Trail

Things to do at Mount Rushmore are plentiful and one impressive activity will take you right under the noses of the presidents. 

5 - Watch the Evening Lighting Ceremony

Every year starting the Friday before Memorial day, your Mount Rushmore vacation becomes illuminated. After sunset, the Presidents light up as a Park Ranger talks about its storied history. 

6 - Take a Selfie with the Presidents

What is a Mount Rushmore Vacation without some selfies with famous people? All four presidents have their best face forward just waiting for you to share the perfect pic.

7 - Complete the Junior Ranger Program

The Junior Ranger Program is the perfect thing to do at Mount Rushmore for kids of all ages (yes you too, mom and dad). This no-fee activity allows you to learn about Mount Rushmore by interacting with it. Check it out at the Visitor Center.

8 - Visit the Sculptors Studio

As the on-site studio for the Mount Rushmore sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, the Sculptor's Studio shares unique plaster models and tools only found during a Mount Rushmore vacation.

9 - Visit the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center

Taking in the monumental Mount Rushmore can leave you speechless, but how and why was it built? The thing to do at Mount Rushmore to find those answers is to visit the Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center filled with a short film and interactive activities.

10 - Participate in Ranger Talks

When your Mount Rushmore vacation has you wanting to learn more about the history of the monument, Ranger talks provide guided walks and interpretative sessions to help answer any questions.