Routines and responsibilities, this is not your day. Summer was made for escape and free-range adventuring! On vacation in Rapid City, trails, climbs and streams are dependable escape routes, taking you into the heart of South Dakota’s adventure country. With ten major parks and monuments nearby, the Black Hills to the west and the Badlands to the east, chasing the beauty of an outdoor vacation is your only job.

Hiking enjoying overlook into the Black Hills
Black Hills National Forest @ca55andram

Outdoor activities here are just as challenging as you want to make them. Hiking trails in the area range from easy nature walks to skill-testing treks. For something casual, walk along the Presidential Trail at Mount Rushmore. If you're up for a challenge, plan on the strenuous Crow Peak Trail #64 in the Black Hills National Forest. And if you’re searching for something more mysterious, explore the surreal landscape of Badlands National Park. They all promise views you’ll want to capture. 

View of Driving Needles Highway in Custer State Park
Needles Highway

Nature-loving experiences don't stop at hiking. Put a few miles behind you on the region’s biking trails like the Mickelson, for adventure that's definitely worth the workout. Clear your head with perspective-altering rock climbing – challenges at Falling Rock, Cliffs of Dune and the Experimental Forest will keep you on your toes. Chill out on the water for tubing, canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing – from Rapid City, you can reach the boat dock at Sheridan or Pactola Lake in just 30 minutes and the shores of Rapid Creek even sooner. Cruise scenic highways throughout the Black Hills for stellar views and a driving experience that's spectacular in every season. 

Biker with the Black Hills Behind Her
Black Hills National Forest @ruthgers

At the end of an adventure-packed day, when outdoor attractions and non-stop physical activity result in major hunger and big thirst, Rapid City has you covered. Hearty, healthy and delicious options make exploring the local dining scene and downtown celebrations a required part of the adventure.