When You're In The Right Place, Every Adventure Is Epic

Routines and responsibilities, this is not your day. Summer was made for escape and free-range adventuring! On vacation in Rapid City, trails, climbs and streams are dependable escape routes, taking you into the heart of South Dakota’s adventure country. With ten major parks and monuments nearby…

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Heat Things Up in Downtown Rapid City

Conquer the cold and experience winter in Downtown Rapid City! Explore toasty cafés, fabulous food and unforgettable family adventures that promise memories to last all season long. From activities and attractions in Main Street Square, to the daring flavors of Rapid City’s best-kept secrets…

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7 Pro Tips For Attending The Annual Buffalo Roundup

If you’ve ever been to South Dakota, I hope you’ve had the privilege of visiting Custer State Park – widely considered one of the best in America. An unimaginable amount of diverse outdoor adventures happen here – think hiking, kayaking, cruising, horseback riding, wildlife sightings, rock climbing…

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