Conquer the cold and experience winter in Downtown Rapid City! Explore toasty cafés, fabulous food and unforgettable family adventures that promise memories to last all season long. From activities and attractions in Main Street Square, to the daring flavors of Rapid City’s best-kept secrets, Downtown Rapid City does winter right— with warm welcomes, bold flavor and big adventure.

People ice skating at the rink at main street square in rapid city
Main Street Square

The heart of Downtown Rapid City, Main Street Square, is a one-acre open hub of all things city-chic, creative, cool and fun. As the temperature drops, Main Street Square transforms its warm-weather center green into a lively, sparkling, 7,200 square-foot ice-skating rink, offering the perfect family activity to celebrate some winter spirit— or the perfect stage to show off those skating skills.

Coffee from Harriet and Oak in Downtown Rapid City

If you need a break from the cold, Downtown Rapid City has you covered. Visit its collection of boutiques, galleries and cozy cafes for a warm-and-toasty, indoor adventure. Or, check out the Rapid City Event Calendar for a selection of live performances, community events and countless, heartwarming experiences for the whole family.

Bill Clinton City of President Statue in Rapid City

As you explore Downtown, you’ll encounter a few familiar faces along the way. The City of Presidents, one of Rapid City’s most distinguished attractions, features life-size bronze statues of each of the nation’s past presidents, placed throughout the downtown area. Find your favorite president using the City of Presidents map!

Dish from Tally's Silver Spoon in Downtown Rapid City

If you’ve worked up an appetite, look for President Ronald Reagan (hint: he’s on the corner of 6th and St. Joseph Street). His statue marks local staple and foodie favorite, Tally’s Silver Spoon. Offering original, 1930’s family recipes (try the Blueberry Pancakes!) and honoring a philosophy of homegrown home cooking, Tally’s warm atmosphere and hearty, hit-the-spot plates have cemented its reputation as a Rapid City classic.

Ice Block for drinks at Blind Lion Speakeasy in Rapid City, SD

And while Tally’s is a classic, the Blind Lion is Rapid City’s best-kept secret. This Prohibition-style speakeasy dishes out a spirited twist on tradition, offering fresh-squeezed, handcrafted cocktails and a ridiculously flavorful dining experience. Enjoy bold blends poured over ice carved straight from a sculpture block and cutting-edge culinary techniques such as cold-smoking and liquid nitrogen, tableside. 

So, whether you’re enjoying a stroll, taking a bite or breaking the ice, Downtown Rapid City offers cold-weather fun for everyone and a winter adventure that always brings the heat.