As a frequent traveler I am guilty of being very spontaneous when it comes to planning activities. I love to see where the day takes me and stop at attractions I notice along the way. However, some of the best attractions in our area aren’t found on the beaten path, and if you don’t plan ahead you might miss an opportunity to make some incredible memories. One of the hidden gem attractions that exist in the Black Hills is Rush Mountain Adventure Park. It’s tucked into a gorgeous spot outside of Keystone and unless you know about it beforehand you could easily miss out on the all the fun this attraction offers. 

About Rush Mountain Adventure Park

People attempting the Wingwalker obstacle course at Rush Mountain Adventure Park
Rush Mountain Adventure Park

If you haven’t heard about Rush Mountain Adventure Park yet, I am glad you’ve found this blog. It’s the perfect stop for those adventurous thrill seekers looking for entertainment. At this one attraction you can go on an impressive tour of Rushmore Cave (the closest cave to Mount Rushmore), soar high on an exciting zipline, compete in a series of 7-D shoot out games, test your agility on an above ground obstacle course, cruise down a scenic mountain on a coaster, and even partake in some gemstone mining! 

The Best Route

Take the quickest route from Rapid City to Rush Mountain on SD-79 S and SD-40 W. The drive takes about 30 minutes and will get you there quicker than Hwy 16 so you can cut down on all those “Are we there yet?” questions that are bound to be bursting from everyone in the car. 

The Best Time To Arrive

Riding the Rush Mountain Coaster in the Black Hills
Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Fill your day with fun by arriving at opening time or shortly after. This is the best time to arrive thanks to cooler morning weather, as most of the rides are outside, and you’ll be able to beat the rush that comes later in the day to experience the fun. You can find their hours of operation on their website or social media!

The Best Value

Make the most of your visit by purchasing the wristband! You can get individual tickets for each ride, but after one experience believe me when I say everyone will be wanting more. The Rush Mountain Adventure Park wristband allows you unlimited experiences on all the thrilling rides this park offers all day. If you’re a local or plan on visiting the area again this season ask about their seasonal pass for even more great savings. Tickets for the cave tour can be added on with a wristband for a discounted price. 

End Of Day Rides

Visitors playing the 7D gunslinger ride at Rush Mountain
Rush Mountain Adventure Park

An important thing to know before you go is what time the park closes. If you plan to pop in towards the end of the day, you’ll need to get there at least an hour before closing time. That will give you enough time to purchase your tickets and catch the last ride of the day which usually takes place around 15 minutes before closing time for the rides, and the last cave tour is one hour before closing. So plan accordingly! You can find their hours of operation on their website or social media!

Items you should Bring/Know About

  • Wear closed toe walking shoes. 
  • A light jacket for the cave tour.
  • Sunscreen and eye protection since a lot of the rides are outdoors.
  • If needing to carry an infant or small child, a front carry pack is recommended for the cave tour.
  • Make sure to leave bags in your vehicle as they don’t provide storage places.
  • There is food for purchase at the Snackitorium and in the gift shop.

Stay Up-To-Date

Location of Rush Mountain Adventure Park in the Black Hills
Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Add Rush Mountain Adventure Park to your “must-do” list and make plans to find this off the beaten path destination. Keep an eye on Rush Mountain’s website and social media as your vacation approaches. They frequently share news, limited time offers, special events, and hours of operations updates that are great to know for your visit!