Many things about this popular Keystone attraction have changed since its start in 1965. But one thing they continue to offer, and have expanded on, is a thrilling cruise and some epic Mount Rushmore views. 

In the beginning, Rushmore Tramway was home to one attraction, a gondola ride to the top of the mountain where visitors could take in a spectacular view of Mount Rushmore and the surrounding Black Hills. At the summit spectators could walk around enjoying the perspective from different viewing decks, walk the trails, and take in beautiful gardens and peaceful water features. Today, things have a changed a little. 

Floral Gardens at the top of Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Visitors can still enjoy those beautiful Black Hills views on a peaceful ride to the top of the mountain. The ride has been updated from the original gondolas to a more modern chairlift that offers 36 continuously-moving chairs. At the top you’ll still find viewing decks where you can gaze at those four famous granite faces, enjoy walking the paths around the mountain top, and take in the ever-expanding floral gardens. Now you can add to the experience and spend more time soaking up the views by grabbing a bite to eat from the Mountain-Top Grill. And a modern enhancement everyone can appreciate – restrooms. 

After ramping up their original attraction, Rushmore Tramway built something new. The Alpine Slide, a favorite for many still today – offers a new and exciting way to get down the mountain. This 2,000 foot slide is one the best maintained Alpine Slides in the country. It features two parallel slides allowing visitors to race wheeled sleds down the twists and turns in a thrilling ride. I would recommend doing the slide a minimum of two times. Make the first time down for fun and the second time enjoy the views. Then do it again just because you’re on vacation. 

People on the Rushmore Tramway's Aerial Adventure Park

Adding more adrenaline pumping action to this adventurous stop is the Aerial Adventure Park. Nothing challenges your agility or your bravery like an obstacle course suspended in the trees! Work your way up the course difficulties until you master them all. They offer a total of eight different Aerial Adventure Park courses that incorporate around 100 different platforms, 11 ziplines, and spans over two acres. 

Girl ziplining at Rushmore Tramway Adventures

Soaring through the air above the trees, Rushmore Tramway offers another glorious glimpse of Mount Rushmore to its visitor – the Pinnacle Zip Tour! Featuring five different side-by-side dueling ziplines, this attraction is the ultimate thrill seekers paradise. It is the perfect combination of adventure, adrenaline and the beautiful outdoors. Don’t have two hours to experience the full Pinnacle Zip Tour? No problem, they also offer an 800 foot zipline to give you a shorter adventure to enjoy!

Kids enjoying the tubing hill at rushmore tramway adventures

The newest addition to the Rushmore Tramway lineup is South Dakota’s only summer tubing hill! Each lane spans nearly 450 feet long and there are four different lane styles to choose from. Enjoy the views as you relax on the magic carpet ride up and feel the wind in your hair as you pick up speed coasting down. The kids lane option makes this attraction fun for all ages. 

With so much to see and do at this one stop, it’s easy to see why Rushmore Tramway Adventures is a must do attraction for many families and thrill seekers who visit the area. They offer something for everyone and help you make some truly unforgettable memories.