Rapid City Wine And Beer Tour

When it comes to enjoying local beverage creations – Rapid City has options for you. The brewmasters and vintner (winemaker) in our city know how to concoct some truly unique flavor creations each different from the rest. Treat yourself to a tour of all the local breweries and a local winery to find your favorite. Since they’re scattered around the town, here’s the most efficient order to tour them!

*For your safety and that of others we encourage you to grab a ride during your tour. Rapid City offers Lyft, Uber and other cab services

Zymurcracy beer
Zymurcracy Beer Company

South Side Sipping

Located on the south side of Rapid City are two fabulous local breweries. They make for great stops on your way back from Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse or Custer State Park. 

Zymurcracy Beer Company

Zymurcracy is a Veteran-owned brewery that offers a spacious and dog friendly atmosphere filled with good beer and great times. If you’re curious about the name, like many are, they provide this definition: a community of individuals dedicated to the principles and art of fermentation science. They offer a few appetizers in house while also hosting a variety of local food trucks throughout the week. Since this brewery sits the farthest to south, it makes for a great place to start off your tasting tour in Rapid City. 

Cohort Craft Brewery

Also located on the south side of the city is Cohort. Fresh to the craft beer scene in Rapid City, customers can enjoy a selection of progressive beer styles sourced from local ingredients, along with some truly delicious mead created with South Dakota honey. This pet-friendly brewery also hosts local food trucks throughout the week. Up next: Downtown Rapid City!

Firehouse-Brewing-Co Laura Grier
Firehouse Brewing Company

Downtown Drinking

Within a few short steps of each other in the downtown district you’ll find some true local treasures. The breweries located here present unique atmospheres that represent important history to our city. Downtown is also home to Rapid City’s winery where you’re bound to find a bottle you won’t want to leave without. 

Firehouse Brewing Company

Firehouse was South Dakota’s first brew pub opening its doors in 1991. To add to its historical component, and explain its name, it’s also housed in Rapid City’s original firehouse built in 1915. Firehouse makes around 40 unique beer styles each year and love to infuse them with ingredients like honey, spruce tips, and orange zest among many others. Doubling as a delicious restaurant you can fill up on some great food during your beer and wine tour here. 

Firehouse Wine Cellars

Right next door is an expansion of the Firehouse Brewing Company, the Firehouse Wine Cellars! At Rapid City’s local winery you’ll find a great array of oak-aged reds, crisp whites, and even sweet dessert styles. Their small production size allows them to explore traditional techniques and produce small-batch wine adding even more creative flavors to their existing list of wines. 

Hay Camp Brewing Company

This downtown brewery pays homage to Rapid City’s early days when it was founded as “Hay Camp”. The welcoming and rustic tavern atmosphere of this brewery offers plenty of indoor seating to relax and sip away on some handcrafted small-batch ales. Hay Camp creates a variety of beers from sessions to IPAs and even sours. Also home to a large event space, there is something always going on inside like concerts, trivia and more. 

Woodland Republic Blending & Brewing

Step into a modern brewery filled with rustic farmhouse vibes at Woodland Republic! Here, they create some amazing flavors by blending, fruiting and barrel-aging their small batch and single barrel creations. Bring your pup and try a flight - because you're going to have a hard time just selecting one.

Dakota Point Brewing Company

Tip One Back in the Gap

The Gap is an area of town that’s located between the ridges of Skyline Wilderness Area and Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park, commonly referred to as M Hill. Minutes from downtown and seconds away from some of the city’s best outdoor recreation these two breweries are in a great location to unwind and end a day in Rapid City. 

Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Named after a popular Black Hills hiking trail, Lost Cabin embodies a love many in the area have - the outdoors. This small, rustic and pet friendly brewery offers a great selection of creative beers. Featuring large center tables in their tap room, it’s a great place to meet others and have a friendly conversation over a tasty beverage. Lost Cabin also hosts different local food trucks throughout the week.       

Dakota Point Brewing Company

Within walking distance of Lost Cabin, sits another local brewery: Dakota Point. Named after the popular cliff jumping spot at Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills, this brewery brings that same idea of gathering with friends and having a good time inside their pet friendly tap room. Beer specialties include traditional Irish, English, Scottish and American ales, among other offerings. 

Last Mile Brewery

Off the Beaten Path

Some of the best vacation discoveries are tucked away, favored by locals and treasured when found by visitors. Go off the beaten path in Rapid and discover one of the newest breweries in the city.

Last Mile Brewery

With the mission to deliver great tasting and clean-finishing beers, this brewery packs big flavors in it's brews. Stop in to Last Mile's taphouse to try a few, then grab some to go and enjoy after your adventures in the Black Hills.