Oh Rapid City, how misunderstood you are! I could fill an entire year-worth of blogs with the myths and tales I have heard about my beloved city, some of which are too absurd to mention! But if someone has never visited the area, a little leeway must be given. So, allow me to address some of the most common misconceptions, and maybe, just maybe, do some myth busting! 

1. Rapid City has terrible weather.

Winter hiking with a dog outside of Rapid City, SD

Rapid City enjoys incredibly mild weather throughout the year. The average high temperature is 59 degrees and we have 226 days with sunshine per year. This is better than Miami, FL, which only has 74… so take THAT Miami! We don’t get too hot in the summer (70s to 80s), or too cold in the winter (30s to 40s). This makes Rapid City ideal for people who like to stay active outdoors all year long.   

2. Rapid City doesn’t have good places to eat.

Pizza from Independent Ale House in Rapid City

We are blessed with a rich and diverse culinary scene that just keeps getting better! Our local restaurants range from ethnic cuisine, to elevated pub fare and fine dining. There are over 30 unique restaurants in the downtown area alone, including the Independent Ale House and Tally's Silver Spoon. Many of the local restaurants showcase regional dishes such as buffalo steaks and river trout, but also have a variety of local favorites for vegetarians as well. Rapid City has rightfully grown into a foodie paradise! For some great places to experience check out our Top Ten Restaurants list. 

3. Rapid City has nothing to do at night.

Patio space at the Firehouse Brewing Company

Even during the chilly evenings of winter, the nightlife in Rapid City is hopping. Places like the Vertex Sky Bar at the top of the Historic Alex Johnson Hotel, Firehouse Brewing Company, and video game bar Press Start, gives visitors tons to do when the sun goes down! The numerous art galleries and museums, such as the Dahl Fine Art Center, offer evening cultural events custom made to expand your understanding of the local art scene. Main Street Square showcases local bands during their Summer Concert Series as well as theater companies and culinary events all year long. There is always the historic Elks Theatre if you need to get your cinematic movie fix. And for the theatre buff, the Firehouse Theatre and the Black Hills Community Theatre hold outstanding stage productions right in the heart of downtown. If you can’t find something to do at night, then you’re not really trying!

 4. Rapid City has no outdoor activities. 

Mountain Biking at Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park

Hiking, biking, fishing and golfing are just a small (and I mean small) listing of outdoor activities offered in Rapid City. Parks are abundant and boast trails and events for the most experienced, or not, of outdoorsman. Grab your kayak and paddle down Rapid Creek, or cast a line in Canyon Lake Park. So have no fear, a person isn’t forced to drive outside of town to find something to fill their outdoor adventure needs!  

Boom Boom Boom…busting myths all over the place! Rapid City is a fun city with lots to do and see year round! So don’t believe everything you hear, take the time to explore and do some myth-busting of your own.