Top 10 Gallery Museums Rapid City South Dakota

Top 10 Museums & Galleries

Who said museums were boring? Rapid City lets you explore airplanes, wild west adventures and the biggest creatures that ever roamed the earth! No one will be bored after a day of digging up fossils and finding new facts about Rapid City and the Black Hills. Learn facts about presidents and the history of the Black Hills through sight, touch and sound at these 10 museums and galleries! 

1 - South Dakota Air & Space Museum

A unique opportunity to view aviation history as you stroll among the aircraft and missiles on display.

South Dakota Air & Space Museum

2 - Outdoor Campus West

Family-friendly outdoor education facility with hands-on exhibits and activities.

Outdoor Campus West

3 - The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

This National Natural Landmark is an internationally renowned indoor working paleontological site/museum.

The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs

4 - Prairie Edge Trading Company and Galleries

Prairie Edge has the finest selections of Native American art, crafts, jewelry, books and music on display anywhere in the region.

Prairie Edge Trading Company and Galleries

5 - Museum of Geology

World-class fossils of Badlands mammals, marine reptiles and dinosaurs, plus exhibits of meteorites, minerals, ores and gold. 

Museum of Geology

6 - The Journey Museum & Learning Center

Take a journey through time at this unique museum with many interactive displays, including geology, Lakota culture and pioneer history of the Black Hills.

The Journey Museum & Learning Center

7 - The Dahl Arts Center

The premier western South Dakota arts center for contemporary visual arts, arts education and performing arts since 1974.

The Dahl Arts Center

8 - Apex Gallery

This unique gallery features educational art and science exhibits. Knowledgeable personnel are available to answer questions or offer explanations.

Apex Gallery

9 - National Presidential Wax Museum

History comes to life through a state-of-the-art audio narration system as you view artifacts and life-size wax U.S. Presidents in dramatic settings.

National Presidential Wax Museum

10 - Borglum Historical Center

Venture into the world of Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor of Mount Rushmore National Memorial, from the blasting of the stone to the grandeur of the "Seated Lincoln."  The Borglum Story will enable children and adults to step back in time and become part of the carving years.

Borglum Historical Center

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