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Rush Mountain Adventure Park

Rush Mountain Adventure Park – home of Rushmore Cave – sets the standard for family adventure with five exciting attractions in one location.

Speed downhill on a thrilling mountain coaster ride or zipride through the Ponderosa Pines. Earn bragging rights at the Gunslinger 7-D Interactive Ride after shooting bandits with laser guns. Take to the skies with above ground ropes and highline wires in the Wingwalker Challenge Course. Or discover the hidden world beneath the park and tour the awe-inspiring natural carvings and passages in Rushmore Cave! Make incredible memories that stick with you forever at Rush Mountain Adventure Park. 

COVID-19 Update

Rush Mountain Adventure Park is taking the following measures to ensure guest and staff safety: 

  • Half capacity group cave tours, masks optional
  • Sanitizing seats and other touchable surfaces in between passengers on rides
  • Recommending social distancing