Looking for a unique Rapid City attraction that offers a splash of retro fun? Indoor entertainment can be found year round at Putz N Glo Mini Golf, and it's an experience that all ages will enjoy. But it's not just your typical mini golf course. When you add in the challenge of black lights and the electric, retro atmosphere of Putz N Glo, it might just be your best mini golf experience yet. 

Guy Mini Golfing at Putz N Glo in Rapid City

As a lover of all things retro and classic rock, I had a blast inside Putz N Glo. My Rock-N-Roll favorites flowed from the speakers. Famous bands and iconic symbols cover the walls in the brightest colors imaginable, and I could not wait to see what was around each corner. Putz N Glo had an artist come in to create these amazing murals representing iconic 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s era bands, symbols and more with outstanding details. The whole place can only be described in one word: groovy. 

Murals at Putz N Glo Mini Golf In Rapid City

At Putz N Glo you can add a new "spin" to your game for extra laughs with the Mischief Spinners. Scattered throughout the course, you won't want to miss an opportunity to give it a whirl and see what challenge you'll have to face. My favorite one was where I could stand anywhere on the course while my husband took his shot. To be honest, I was doing this anyway to get these photos, but the mischief wheel gave me an added excuse to make his game a little more challenging.

Mischief Spinner at Putz N Glo Mini Golf

Putz N Glo Family Entertainment Center sits outside of Rapid City on Highway 16, or as many know it, the road to Mount Rushmore. The course offers 18 holes of indoor mini golf and is the perfect stop to escape from rainy weather or the opposite if you need a fun activity to cool off on a hot day. Mini golf isn’t the only activity Putz N Glo offers its visitors though! This attraction is also home to the Miner’s Maze course and Finder’s Keepers Gemstone Panning. You can add a little more competition to this stop with a friendly race through the maze and find all the hidden stations within that spell out G-O-L-D. Finder’s Keepers Gemstone Panning gives visitors a small taste of what it was like for the miners during the Black Hills gold rush that started in 1874! 

Putz N Glo Mini Golf Gift Shop

After hitting up all these attractions many of us work up an appetite (me) – so the fact that they offer a snack bar serving up hot dogs, soft pretzels, nachos, fountain pop and adult beverages is key. Not to mention they have a gift shop that carries on the retro theme meaning you can buy lava lamps, tie dye t-shirts, and peace sign merchandise! 

If you find yourself wanting a unique twist on date night or some good family fun, you don’t have to go far to find it in Rapid City. Purchase their Triple Play pass and you can experience all three of their great attractions at a great price. Go have one groovy time at Putz N Glo Entertainment Center!