A walk through time at The Journey Museum & Learning Center starts off in a black room with twinkling lights, better known as the Star Room. I instantly relive my childhood trips to the museum when I enter this room, it was always my favorite. I remember hanging out longer in this room listening to the voice talk about the beginning of time, and as my first time back as an adult I found myself doing the exact same thing. 

Geology section of the Journey Museum and Learning Center

As I exit the darkness of Star Room I am greeted with light and large rock formations showcasing the earth's layers matching those in this region. I walk along the layers of earth, touching and learning about each gaining a new appreciation for the beauty of the area. 

Paleontology exhibit at the Journey Museum and Learning Center

The wall of rock seamlessly guides into the Paleontology section of the museum. Here I met a little girl with her mom as they were digging up dinosaur bones in the Paleontology Field Tent. I found out her three year old daughter had a love for dinosaurs as she tried to quiz me on the different names, zero of which I could tell her without referencing the movie Land Before Time. She wasn't impressed. Ashamed of my dinosaur knowledge I continued on the journey.

Archaeology section of the Journey Museum and Learning Center

The walls morph into the Archaeology section of the Journey Museum displaying a diorama of an ancient Paleoindian camp. This display shows the tools and techniques archaeologists use when discovering information about past lives, it's fascinating to learn about.

Nellie Two Bulls hologram in the Journey Museum and Learning Center

In the Sioux Indian section of the museum I sat outside of a teepee and listened to Nellie Two Bulls, well a hologram of her, describe the "old ways" of the Sioux people. This area of the museum showcases Sioux artwork, fashion, the way of life and so much more.

Pioneer section at the Journey Museum and Learning Center

As I walk through a set of old fashion double doors my surroundings transform, I've now entered the Minnilusa Pioneer Museum collection. Displays around me are showcasing the Black Hills Gold Rush, the last moments of "Wild Bill" Hickok, and the interiors of a pioneer home.  

Exterior of the Journey Museum and Learning Center in Rapid City

My trip to The Journey Museum reminded me of how much history is packed under one roof. I was flooded with memories of my childhood visits while gaining a new appreciation for all the fascinating information the museum holds. If you're wanting an activity that provides hours of interactive learning and fun for visitors of all ages, I would highly recommend The Journey Museum & Learning Center