Rapid City is minutes away from the Black Hills and all the outdoor adventure that it holds for you and your family. You don’t even have to leave city limits to climb or ride your way to an extraordinary view! Before lacing up your boots and hitting the trails with your family, I’d encourage you plan a trip to the Outdoor Campus West. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at everything you’ll learn at this FREE local favorite.

Family canoeing class taking place at the outdoor campus west in rapid city
Outdoor Campus - West

The core mission of the Outdoor Campus is to provide education about outdoor skills and wildlife. While that could easily be addressed with a couple pamphlets, books, or signs, they take it to an entirely new level by letting you experience the outdoors in a hands on, guided environment. Inside you’ll find large, interactive displays that allow children to touch, see, and read about the wildlife that is native to South Dakota and the Black Hills. Outside there are well-maintained trails lined with signage, a tree house the kids can climb up to, and even an outdoor “kitchen” where mud pies are taken to an entirely new level.

Group fly fishing lesson being taught by outdoor campus west instructor
Outdoor Campus - West

One of the coolest things that they offer at the Outdoor Campus are their FREE “try-it” events. From learning how to fly fish to paddling a canoe, you and your family can try something new, for FREE, while being taught by their knowledgeable staff. Oh, and have I mentioned yet that it’s free?