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10+ Ways To Enjoy A Rainy Rapid City Vacation

It’s no secret that rainy weather can put a damper on your vacation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Rapid City offers an abundance of indoor activities that are fun for all ages! So, when mother nature decides spending time outside isn’t going to happen, here are a few options you’re bound to love rain or shine!


Right in Rapid City you’ll find attractions that will make everlasting memories for you and your family. The best part – each has an indoor option so you’re guaranteed fun no matter what the South Dakota weather has in store.

Black Hills Escape Rooms

Solve the murder at Saloon #10, discover the ghosts of the Black Hills, take on zombie prairie dogs, survive a Deadwood shootout or uncover information about WWIII: Ellsworth Air Force Base and Aliens! These five locally based scenarios at Black Hills Escape Room will keep everyone’s heart racing and leave everyone talking about the experience long after it’s finished.

Outdoor Campus West

When spending time outdoors isn’t an option, the next best thing is Outdoor Campus West! Explore the indoor exhibit that displays a variety of western South Dakota wildlife and their habitats and a 4,600-gallon freshwater aquarium! They also offer a variety of free indoor educational classes for youth, adults and families for hands-on experience like archery or wildlife cooking classes!


The weather is always perfect inside the largest indoor waterpark in the Dakotas! Open all year round, you and your family can relax with a float around the lazy river, take a thrill ride down three different waterslides, soak it up in the hot tub spa, and kids can play in KoKo the Monkey’s Kingdom!

Museum and Galleries

See, hear and feel the culture and history of Rapid City and the Black Hills at local museums and galleries! You’ll leave with new knowledge and appreciation for our area.

Journey Museum & Learning Center

The history of the Black Hills is laid out between the walls of the Journey Museum and Learning Center. Have fun exploring the different exhibits and learning about what makes our area so unique!

The Dahl Arts Center

The Dahl is an art center for contemporary visual arts, arts education and performing arts! Stroll through the five visual art galleries, play around in the interactive children’s gallery, view the Cyclorama Mural of American History or join in on a class and learn a new skill.

SD Air And Space Museum

Located at Ellsworth Air Force Base, the South Dakota Air and Space Museum displays past, present and possibilities of the future in aviation and space exploration. Walk through over 30 different vintage military aircrafts dating all the way back to the World War II bombers up to the present-day B-1.

Prairie Edge

Explore the vibrant rooms of Prairie Edge Trading Co. in Downtown Rapid City! Shop a selection of great locally made items and Native American inspired craft like weapons, headdresses, drums, pipes, robes, painted art and more.


Is it really a vacation if you don’t enjoy a few beverages at local bars and breweries? Rapid City offers a variety of fun local atmospheres you won’t find anywhere else.


Treat yourself to Rapid City’s craft brew scene with a stop at one or all of its local breweries. Try out Firehouse Brewing Co., Lost Cabin Beer Co., Hay Camp Brewing, Dakota Point Brewery and Zymurcracy Beer Company, each offers a new selection of beer and a unique atmosphere to complement it.


You’ll only find one local winery in Rapid City - Firehouse Wine Cellars. Lovers of red or white wines will enjoy listening to live music while sipping on different locally crafted wines like Mythical Beast, Stargazer, Adventurer and more!

Press Start

If drinking and enjoying an activity is more your style check out Press Start. It’s hard to beat a beer and a little friendly competition on some old school arcade games like Skee Ball, Pac-Man and more!

Black Hills Contraband

Rapid City’s only local distillery has mastered the art of making alcohol. These flavored liqueurs go down smooth and make for a “dangerously” good time.

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