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Rapid City's parks are hidden gems for any visitor. Classic playgrounds, fairytale creatures and outdoor recreation make Rapid City's parks and adventure you can't miss! 

1 - Canyon Lake Park

Canyon Lake Park is one of the oldest city parks in Rapid City. The park totals 29 acres and features several picnic areas, a fishing bridge, paddle boat rentals and a variety of outdoor recreation activities. 

2 - Storybook Island

Let their imaginations come to life as they discover the characters of their favorite fairy tales at Storybook Island. 

3 - Dinosaur Park

Seven life-size concrete replicas of monstrous prehistoric reptiles have inhabited this park since 1936.

4 - Memorial Park

Memorial Park, 27 acres in size, was acquired after the 1972 Flood and has become a "memorial" to the 238 people who lost their lives. The park links the downtown area, The Monument, formerly known as the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Rapid City Central High School and The Journey Museum & Learning Center.

5 - Founders Park

Founders Park is approximately 60 acres; most of the open space was acquired after the 1972 Flood. The parking lot is used as a popular trailhead for the bike path, which runs along Rapid Creek, and for a local Farmers Market during the summer months.

6 - Sioux Park

Sioux Park, located next to Storybook Island along Rapid Creek, contains 220 acres and is home to the William Noordermeer Formal Gardens.

7 - Skyline Wilderness Area

Explore 150-acres of natural beauty resting above the city. Hike, bike or drive along the Skyline Wilderness Area and take in breathtaking vistas of Rapid City while immersing yourself in the ponderosa pines of this park. 

8 - Robbinsdale Park

Robbinsdale Park is home to the Harney Little League Complex (5 fields) a BMX bicycle track, three Picnic Shelters, playgrounds, Picnic areas, soccer field and a one mile walking loop and off-leash dog park.

9 - Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park

Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park (HLMP) is one of the premier mountain biking parks in the region, featuring over 12 miles of world-class trails for bikers, hikers and runners of all skill levels.

10 - Wilson Park

Right off Mount Rushmore Road in Rapid City you'll find the peaceful retreat of Wilson Park. These four acres feature formal gardens and gazebos and are home to the West Boulevard Summer Festival, an arts and crafts festival fun for all ages.