Motorcoach Services

Motorcoach Services

The following Rapid City area services are available to motorcoaches/buses.

 Name Parking Spaces Showers Truck Shop Repair Shop Dump Station Laundry Wifi Food Service

3231 E. Mall Dr. 
Rapid City, SD 57701

- - - - Yes - - -

Eddie's Truck Center
1022 North Turbine Dr. 
Rapid City, SD 57703

- - Yes - - - - -

Flying J Franchise
4200 N I-90 Svc. Rd. (Exit 61)
Rapid City, SD 57701

125 8 - Yes Yes Yes Yes Hot Deli

Loves Travel Stop
679 Reagan Ave. (Exit 67B)
Box Elder, SD 57719

- Yes Yes - Yes - Yes Hardee's

Pilot Travel Center
2783 Deadwood Ave. (Exit 55)
Rapid City, SD 57702

75 5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Subway

Other Services

Olson Towing
1329 Seger Dr.
Rapid City, SD 

Tow Pro's
1711 E. Centre St.
Rapid City, SD 57703

Arnie's Pressure Wash
3100 SD-79
Rapid City, SD 57701

Dakota Bus
2783 Deadwood Ave. 
Rapid City, SD 57702

Stagecoach West
PO Box 264
Rapid City, SD 57709

South Dakota Motorcoach Regulations

Becoming acquainted with South Dakota motorcoach regulations and doing some pre-trip planning will help you save time during your tour.

Things To Know:

1. Prior to entering South Dakota, you must register your FMCSA authority with your base state under the Single State Registration System. Your base state will collect fees and issue a receipt. A copy of the receipt must be carried in each vehicle that is registered.

2. If your vehicle consumes special fuel (diesel or liquid petroleum gas), you may purchase a special fuel user’s temporary trip permit for $20. It is valid until you leave the state. If you are licensed under the IFTA program in your base state, South Dakota will honor that license. 

3. If a vehicle is not displaying apportioned plates from an IRP State, the carrier can purchase a temporary trip permit (Highway Use Receipt) from the Department of Public Safety for a $15 fee.

Temporary trip permits may be obtained by calling the South Dakota Permit Center. For more regulation information, call the South Dakota Highway Patrol at 605-773-7144.

South Dakota Highway Patrol 
Motor Carrier Section 
500 E. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-773-4578 
Fax: 605-773-6046 

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission 
State Capitol 
500 E. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605-773-5275 
Fax: 605-773-3225 

SD Permit Center 
Department of Commerce & Regulation