Travel Basics

We may talk about the pioneer spirit that’s awakened once you arrive in Rapid City, but unlike the early pioneers, you won’t have to travel by wagon. Getting around town is easy and we suggest you explore all it has to offer. Renting a car in Rapid City puts you on the road to adventure – an easy to achieve, simple adventure. The true journey starts once you leave the lot.


Whether you need some help getting here or finding your way around our town, we've got you covered. See our tips on travel to Rapid City, and the resources we have for getting you where you want to go once you're here. 

History & Facts

With Rapid City being founded in 1876, it has a rich history for anyone to explore. Find out more about how our town came to be and what has changed since then. 


Rapid City prides itself on having more sunny days per year than both Honolulu, HI and Miami, FL. There is something fun to do no matter the season. Get a breakdown of what to expect for weather throughout the year.


There is so much to see and do in and around Rapid City. Check out these maps to help you find your next big adventure.

Traveling With Kids

Rapid City is a great destination for a family vacation. See what fun attractions and adventures are in store for you and your kids when you visit!