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Top 10 Things Rapid Citians Miss The Most

During this time of distancing and staying home, we Rapid Citians have come to truly appreciate our community. We asked locals what activities they’ve missed the most and here’s what they told us.

Community Events

Our area offers so many unique events that are loved by locals and visitors. From free concerts in the streets downtown for Summer Nights, to hiking on the arm of Crazy Horse during the biannual Volksmarch, these events bring excitement to our lives and bring our community together. We can’t wait to get back at them.

Meeting Friends at Breweries & Wineries

We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not just the drinking we miss. We miss the social time with friends and family! We miss gathering in one of the awesome atmospheres of a local brewery or the winery, talking with friends, playing games and listening to live music.

Dining Out

We. Love. Our. Restaurants. Home cooked meals are great and all, but until we can perfectly recreate Murphy’s Fancy Fried Pickles or Dakotah Steakhouse’s Chislic, we’re going to need our restaurants. Plus, dining at home means looking at those stacks of laundry you have to put away or those dishes that need to get done. We’d rather have the rooftop views of Que Pasa Cantina.

Sporting Events

We are an active and competitive crowd. We crave to hear the arena erupt after a Rush Hockey goal, feel the sand between our toes while playing volleyball, and supporting the teams of the local schools like the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

Spending Time Downtown

Our downtown is the heart of our community. Many people spend time listening to sounds of children playing in the fountains at Main Street Square, touring the new art murals added to Art Alley, and greeting the familiar faces that make up the City of Presidents. It’s a bustling place where something is always going on.

Sitting at Coffee Shops

We may be biased, but Rapid City has some of the best coffee shops. Enjoying a great cup of joe in an environment that oozes good vibes and relaxation is just up our alleys. Locals love to meet up with friends, sip or snack on the newest creation and just enjoy their surroundings.


It goes without saying – everyone misses Target. But that’s not the type of shopping that our locals have been longing for. We miss our local shops, those ma and pa boutiques that offer products you can’t and don’t want to buy from anywhere else. From the treasures found inside Prairie Edge Trading Co., to the expert opinions and friendly faces of Who’s Toys, we love shopping local.

Going to the Movie Theaters

Many missed the experience of going to the theater, and it’s not just because of the buttery popcorn. We’ve missed the full relaxation found in the reclining seats of the Golden Ticket movie theater, and the historic atmosphere and never changing sincerity found at the Elks Movie Theatre.

The Local Farmers Market

Not only do we miss fresh fruits and veggies, but we miss supporting local farmers. There’s something about fresh honey and homemade jelly that you just can’t beat.

Family Time

This is the one we heard the most. Rapid City is a family destination full of people who value every minute spent with loved ones. This pandemic uncertainty has only strengthened that value in our locals, just as it will strengthen those of the families who visit.