Biking Trails & Paths in Rapid City, South Dakota

Bicycle touring and pleasure riding are popular activities in Rapid City and the Black Hills area. Within the city limits you’ll find 13 1/2 miles of trail that wind along Rapid Creek. Wide shouldered highways are also a favorite among road bike enthusiasts. Some of the most popular rides are Rapid City to Mount Rushmore National MemorialNeedles HighwayIron Mountain RoadSpearfish Canyon Scenic Byway; and the Badlands Loop Road. All have some steep grades and long climbs but the scenery is worth it.


Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park Trail Network
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Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park, formerly M Hill or Cowboy Hill, is the closest thing to being in the Hills, while still being in Rapid City. With over 18 miles of developed trails, the paths vary from technical descent to easy hill climbs. 

  • Trail Level: Trails for all skill levels

  • Total Length: 9.62 Miles

Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway (Rapid City Trail)

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The Leonard "Swanny" Swanson Memorial Pathway is a paved bike path that runs the breadth of Rapid City along Rapid Creek. You can explore the city through winding paths and bridges that connect many of Rapid City's parks.

  • Trail Level: Easy

  • Total Length: 12 Miles

Skyline Drive (Rapid City Trail) 
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A nice, technical single track less than a mile from downtown. There are many spurs to this trail as it winds through a fairly small overall area. There are some steep climbs and technical areas with some nice short, fast downhills mixed in. Trail development continues. 

  • Trail Level: Advanced

  • Total Length: 3-6 Miles


Alkali Creek Trail Network (Black Hills Trail) 
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Part of the Centennial Trail, this single track is mixed with a small bit of dirt road and short downhills. The trail begins at the turnout area and following further down the dirt road for about 3/4 mile before you split off into a single track. The single track is rolly, short ascents with shorter descents, small switchbacks and for the downhill the trail goes down over 'stairs' of boulders, single track, and finally out into a large open field for the last 1/2 mile or so. 

  • Trail Level: Intermediate

  • Total Length: 18.92 miles 

Buzzards Roost Trail Network (Black Hills Trail) 
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The Buzzards Roost Trail Network is a system of trails about six miles west of Rapid City that features 8+ miles of diverse single and double track. With 6+ miles of the trail being exceptional, if somewhat rocky, single track. There are a couple of challenging climbs to be had in this trail network but, sans the exceptionally rocky sections, the trails are typical of a modern human designed trail system in that they flow well and have a diversity of medium and high speed sections. One of the highlights of this area is the breathtaking view from atop the Lookout, upon your first visit to Buzzards Roost you should consider an ascent to the Lookout mandatory. 

  • Trail Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Total Length: 9.98 miles

Centennial Trail #89 (Black Hills Trail) 
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Also known as Trail #89, the Centennial Trail is the longest trail in the Black Hills, totaling 111 miles and extending from Bear Butte to Wind Cave. The trail has over two dozen access points and intervals ranging from 3 to 10 miles. A section of the trail crosses the Black Elk Wilderness, where no mountain bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed—however, an alternative route is available. Along your route, you’ll see wildlife such as deer, elk, bison and bighorn sheep. You’ll also view sunny meadows, granite crags and remote canyons. Hikers and horseback riders are also welcome on this trail.

  • Trail Level: Intermediate to Expert

  • Total Length: 105.34 Miles

Mickelson Trail (Black Hills Trail) 
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The Mickelson Trail is a converted railroad that passes through the heart of the Black Hills. Beginning in Edgemont, in the southern hills, the trail passes through the towns of Pringle, Custer, Hill City, Rochford, Lead and Deadwood. The majority of the trail does not exceed 4% grade and the relatively hard packed, crushed aggregate surface makes it appropriate for bicycles of all types except road bikes with skinny tires. The trail is suitable for all ages and abilities. Hikers and horseback riders are the other predominant trail users. 

  • Trail Level: Trails for all skill levels

  • Total Length: 109 Miles

The Mickelson Trail named One of the World's Top Ten Bike Rides
By Ron van Dijk /

Storm Mountain Trail Network (Black Hills Trail) 
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Storm Mountain is one of the older and more heavily used trails in the Black Hills that has it all! Smooth, fast, wavy, low angle down hills; challenging, steep, rocky climbs; insanely steep descents; rock drops- it can all be found at Storm Mountain. The trail is rocky, technically challenging, and sports 145 ft/mile of climbing. Almost half of the trail has been rerouted due to a recent fire. There are over 10 miles of trail and virtually all of it is single track with tight switchbacks and some steep slopes. 

  • Trail Level: Intermediate

  • Total Length: 11.61 Mile



Rapid City B-Cycle Program

What better way to see the city than from a bicycle? Rent a Rapid City BCycle from the automated stations at Main Street Square or the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and follow the Leonard Swanson Memorial Pathway along Rapid Creek. The 12 miles of trails take you to The Journey Museum & Learning Center and several Rapid City parks. Rapid City BCycle is an automated bike sharing system designed for use by many people for short trips around town. Open April through November. Click here for more information.