Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore

Thirteenth President of the United States


Location: Corner of 9th St. & St. Joseph St.

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Fillmore succeeded to the presidency upon Taylor's death on July 9, 1850. Millard Fillmore was in office less than three years. However, his acceptance of the Compromise of 1850 averted the Civil War for another eleven years. His support of the Fugitive Slave Act caused the Whig Party to split in two and caused the downfall of his national political career. Fillmore's administration lasted from July 10, 1850 - March 3, 1853. Millard Fillmore established the White House library. Before this time there was no permanent collection of books in the White House. Fillmore was a sullen, introverted man and the sculptor chose to depict him with an expression of slight annoyance as visitors interrupt his reading.

SculptorJames Van Nuys