Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

Thirty-Ninth President of the United States


Location: Corner of 6th St. & St. Joseph St.

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Widely known as a peanut farmer, one of his fingers was permanently bent as a result of a peanut-farming accident when he was young. In 1971, Carter became the governor of Georgia. In 1976, he was the dark horse candidate for president and the campaign centered around President Ford's pardon of Nixon. On Carter's first day in office, he issued a pardon for all those who dodged the draft in the Vietnam War era. He did not pardon deserters, however. On November 4, 1979, the U.S. embassy in Teheran, Iran was seized and 60 Americans were taken hostage. Fifty two of the hostages were not released, however, until Reagan was president. The hostage crisis was part of the reason that Carter did not win re-election.

SculptorJohn Lopez