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Accessible Travel

Rapid City strives to accommodate visitors with special needs. With a growing number of accessible outdoor activities, events, and attractions, Rapid City invites you to explore the center of adventure in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

No matter what you love to do while on vacation, you’ll likely find it here and the resources on this page will continue to grow. Check out the examples below of what our area offers to travelers with disabilities.

Tip: To find accessible information, click on a business below and locate the Accessible Information drop-down on the page.

Accessible Outdoor Adventures

Discover accessible trails, lookouts, and parks in the Black Hills area. This comprehensive guide highlights the best spots that are easy to navigate and perfect for exploring for a variety of accessibility needs

Additional Resources

Equipment Rental/Services


Performance Respiratory
2255 Haines Ave Suite 204
(605) 342-7004
Visit Website


2431 Emerson Ln., Ste. 100
(605) 399-2998
Visit Website




Outdoor Campus West
4130 Adventure Trail 
(605) 394-2310
Visit Website


Ski for Light
(605) 341-3626
Visit Website


Medical Services


Monument Health
353 Fairmont Blvd
(605) 755-1000
Visit Website





Specialized Services


Communication Service for the Deaf
2310 N Maple Ave
(605) 394-6864
Visit Website






Black Hills Adult Day Care
4110 Winfield Ct.
(605) 791-0436
Visit Website


333 Sixth Street
(605) 394-6631
Visit Website


Rapid City Regional Airport
4550 Terminal Rd. Suite 102
(605) 393-9924
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Rapid Transit
333 Sixth Street
(605) 394-6631
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Visitor Information

Accessible Black Hills
Visit Website
Autism Society of the Black Hills
505 Kansas City St
(605) 415-6582
Visit Website

Reach Out To Us

We want to make Rapid City the place you and your loved ones choose to visit year after year, so we’re always working to improve our accessibility information and resources. Please feel free to reach out and help us to do better by submitting your feedback below.

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