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Bokujo Ramen Logo

Bokujo Ramen

Bokujo (meaning pasture or ranch in Japanese) is a local Ramen restaurant focused on creating delicious entrees with locally sourced ingredients. This restaurant is currently pick up only. Must order online.

Taps at Lost Cabin Brewing Co.

Rapid City's Select: The Best Brews For Big Things

<p>The only thing better than a Rapid City outdoor adventure is a Rapid City outdoor adventure— with beer. Welcome to&nbsp;<em>Rapid City’s Select</em>; a seasonal collection featuring some of Rapid City’s biggest outdoor experiences, expertly paired with the best and boldest brews in the Black Hills. Pick your pairing, mark your map and raise a glass to unforgettable adventure, refreshingly enhanced by the flavors of Rapid City’s favorite craft brews.</p>