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Aerial view above a snow covered Dinosaur Park and Skyline Drive

Winter in Rapid City can look like a lot of things. It could be a slow, cozy getaway filled with warm beverages and toasty fires, or it can be filled with outdoor discoveries as you trek across snowcapped mountains. In fact – it can be both things and more if you plan it right.

couple hiking across a bridge in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Heading to Rapid City in search of epic outdoor adventures? You’re coming to the right place. Pick and choose from the activities below to piece together three full days of outdoor fun. 

Girl at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

It’s easy to feel patriotic while visiting Rapid City and the Black Hills. With stops like these you can learn about our nation’s leaders, their unique connections with our area and the historical places found here. 

Distant shot of Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The four famous faces at Mount Rushmore National Memorial are a spectacle to see, but did you know there's more to do at the park than gaze upon the sculpture? Check out the top 10 things to do below to make the most of your monumental vacation.

Crazy Horse Memorial Construction

Crazy Horse Memorial®


Crazy Horse Memorial®
12151 Ave of the Chiefs
Crazy Horse, SD  57730

ETA from Rapid City
50 min

Born in 1840 along Rapid Creek, Crazy Horse rose to become one of the most powerful and most recognized Native American figures of the Lakota Indian Tribe, second only to Sitting Bull.