Rapid City Biking

Rapid City's prime location at the foot of the Black Hills makes it the ideal place for all types of biking. We're also home to several great venues for racing and riding - including an urban mountain bike park. Rapid City is the headquarters for Black Hills road cycling.

Rapid City Biking

Venues & Facilities
Description Sport Dimensions In/Out A/C Turf/Grass Seating Parking Lighted
Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
(Barnett Arena)
BMX 204' X 118' In Yes Dirt 10,000 4,132 Yes
Central States Fairgrounds
(Events Center)
BMX 350' X 500' In No Washed Mex. Sand 4,500 8000 Yes
Rapid City BMX
(Dirt Park)
BMX 1204' Length Out N/A Crushed Limestone/ Soiltac 750* 500+ Yes
Central States Fairgrounds
BMX 400' X 150' Out N/A Washed Mex. Sand 5,000 8,000 Yes
Skyline Wilderness Area
Mountain Biking 12 Miles
Single Track
Out N/A Single Track * 300 No
Founders Park 
(Jump Park)
Mountain Biking N/A N/A N/A Dirt * 86 No
Chuck Lien
(Family Park)
Mountain Biking 15 Miles
Single track
Out N/A Multi NA 86 No
Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park
Mountain Biking 20 Miles N/A N/A Multi NA 86 No
*Portable hydraulic bleachers available for large events.


Local Membership
  • International Mountain Biking Association

  • Black Hills BMX (American Bicycle Association)

  • Black Hills Mountain Biking Association