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The only thing better than a Rapid City outdoor adventure is a Rapid City outdoor adventure— with beer. Welcome to Rapid City’s Select; a seasonal collection featuring some of Rapid City’s biggest outdoor experiences, expertly paired with the best and boldest brews in the Black Hills. Pick your pairing, mark your map and raise a glass to unforgettable adventure, refreshingly enhanced by the flavors of Rapid City’s favorite craft brews.

The Splash of Sunshine

Perfect Pair: Hippie Hole Hike + Hippie Hole Gose

Host Brewery: Miner Brewing Co.

Grab a pair of shades, soak up some sun and enjoy Rapid City’s Splash of Sunshine experience for a taste of true South Dakota flavor…

Hippie Hole Hike

What used to be a locals-only adventure is quickly becoming one of the Black Hills’ popular hidden gems. Hippie Hole, or Big Falls, offers visitors a small slice of summer all year long. A short hike along Battle Creek guides guests to a large, natural basin, complete with flat rocks, cool shade and the main attraction— a sparkling canyon waterfall. Take it easy, take a swim, sit back and sunbathe, or climb to the top of the waterfall for some canyon-side cliff jumping. However you choose to kick back, Hippie Hole offers an outdoor adventure complete with everything you need for some all-natural R-and-R.

Hippie Hole Gose and Miner Brewing Co.

Small-batch sunshine. Bottled beach party. Lemonade with an attitude problem. However you slice it, Miner Brewing Co.’s Hippie Hole Gose is a refreshing, citrusy, and surprisingly spicy addition to your Hippie Hole adventure. Miner Brewing Co. offers a unique blend of frontier history and handcrafted heritage, serving up a spirited take on tradition with a modern menu of family recipes spanning five generations of Brewmaster beers.


Perfect Pair: Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park + Victory Stout

Host Brewery: Hay Camp Brewing Company

Lace up. Rapid City’s Trailblazer experience is all about big, bold, outdoor adventure that isn’t afraid to go the distance…

Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park

With over 300 acres of Black Hills terrain and a recreational trail network spanning roughly 20 miles of South Dakota landscape, Hanson-Larsen Memorial Park welcomes runners, hikers, and mountain bikers from across the country to enjoy incredible natural views, access to the local “mountain-bike mecca,” and adrenaline-boosting advanced hikes. With a selection of trails fit for any adventure style or skill level, you can explore the Black Hills your way— with an adventure that’s all your own, right in Rapid City.

Victory Stout And Hay Camp Brewing Company

Victory may be sweet for some, but we prefer the bold flavors of Hay Camp Brewing Company’s Victory Stout; a delicious, deep-roasted, crave-worthy reason to start looking for those everyday wins. A fitting flagship brand, the Victory Stout calls back to Hay Camp’s humble, home-brew history and its journey to becoming the successful, small-batch staple that it is today. Celebrating flavor-enhancing community just as much as great beer, Hay Camp Brewing Company welcomes everyday champions of all types to kick back and enjoy a tall glass of victory.


Perfect Pair: Buzzard’s Roost + Buzzard’s Roost Black IPA

Host Brewery: Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Brace yourself for the unexpected. If you’re digging for that diamond-in-the-rough outdoor adventure, put down the pickaxe and saddle up for Rapid City’s Dark Horse experience…

Buzzard’s Roost

Look out for this lookout! Don’t miss the “dark horse” of Rapid City’s great outdoors. Big adventure in the Black Hills means being prepared for the unexpected, unforgettable moments you discover along the way, and a trip to Buzzard’s Roost is no exception. Located a few short miles from Rapid City, the relatively new trail network includes 10 miles of hiking and biking paths ranging from easy, leisurely walks to difficult, sweat-breaking climbs. Reaching the Roost is its own reward, promising incredible, panoramic views of the surrounding Black Hills landscape from an elevation of over 4,000 feet.

Buzzard’s Roost Black IPA And Lost Cabin Beer Co.

It’s probably the subtle sweetness that makes this dark brew so surprising. Or maybe it’s the bitter notes of toasted espresso. In any case, Lost Cabin Beer Co.’s Buzzard’s Roost Black IPA packs a flavorful punch that we definitely didn’t see coming. Featuring a rotating collection of Tasting-Room craft brews and signature staples served at their Barrel Room Bar, Lost Cabin Beer Co. is a local favorite for handcrafted Black Hills beer and new, unique flavors that capture the spirit and surprise of South Dakota’s great outdoors.


Perfect Pair: God’s Own Drunk + Drunken Dunkel

Host Brewery: Firehouse Brewing Co.

Classic South Dakota. Discover some South Dakota staples on this Black Hills outdoor adventure, and explore Rapid City’s Keep It Classic experience…

God’s Own Drunk

When it comes to Rapid City outdoor adventure, you can’t keep it classic without a good climb. And if you’re scaling routes through South Dakota’s Cathedral Spires, “good climb” is definitely an understatement. Featuring some of the best, panoramic views of Custer State Park and the incredible, 1.8 million-year-old Cathedral Spires, God’s Own Drunk winds upward along a granite dihedral in a 320-foot, 2-pitch route that promises plenty of awkward positioning and access to one of the last strongholds of traditional rock climbing in the country.

Drunken Dunkel And Firehouse Brewing Co.

Nothing says classic like the smooth, sweet balance of Firehouse Brewing Co.’s Drunken Dunkel beer. And with its hundred-year history and a significantly strong reputation as South Dakota’s very first brewery, Firehouse Brewing Co. has classic on lock— and on tap. With an environment and atmosphere built to showcase the original, preserved, historic Rapid City firehouse, Firehouse Brewing Co. proudly represents traditional South Dakota spirit as a long-time favorite, local landmark, and Rapid City community classic.


Perfect Pair: Garfield Goes To Washington + Father In Lager

Host Brewery: Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Welcome to America’s historic frontier. Show off those Stars and Stripes on Rapid City’s All American experience and enjoy a monumental outdoor adventure in South Dakota’s Black Hills…

Garfield Goes To Washington

We’re not sure which is more American; visiting Mount Rushmore, or climbing it. The all-American, popular climbing route, Garfield Goes to Washington winds left to right along three different pitches across the back of Mount Rushmore, in a challenging, incredibly fun, non-traditional experience of America’s historic heads. Ending with a spectacular summit view of the surrounding Black Hills, climbers seeking a new perspective of the presidential portraits might just find their next go-to route in this national fan-favorite.

Father In Lager And Lost Cabin Beer Co.

This is one pint that’s fit for the patriots. A flavorful tribute to the nation’s Founding Fathers, Lost Cabin Beer Co.’s Father In Lager is a great way to relax after your climb. Kick back with a tall glass of this crisp, peppery, refreshing, American-made lager and experience Lost Cabin’s selection of locally sourced, small-batch craft brews with big flavor.

Whichever you choose, a trip to Rapid City offers access to the local buzz on crave-worthy craft brews and a central, home-base location for the best outdoor adventures in the Black Hills. For adventure-ale pairings fit for the season, be sure to try some of the sensational seasonal brews available at any of these local favorites on your next Rapid City adventure.