Art Alley, Rapid City SD

Enriching Exploration With The Kiddos

Vacationing in and around Rapid City gives every kid the opportunity to have an amazing and enriching experience. We have some must-dos for the outdoor, creative and history loving youngster in your life!

Budding Historian

The Journey Museum

Trek through time at The Journey Museum & Learning Center as you uncover rich Native American culture, the history of the Black Hills, and its species, through paleontology, geology and archaeology. From the 2.5-billion-year-old mystical Black Hills formations to the saga of the Western frontier, interactive exhibits and displays open your eyes to the geography, people, and events that shaped the region’s heritage, such as dinosaur bones that once roamed the region and rocks that reveal secrets of the land. Hands-on experiences allow your senses to run wild as you journey through the museum.


Up for a challenge? Try to find all 43 life-size president statues along the sidewalks in Rapid City’s historic downtown, commonly known as the City of Presidents. Spanning five blocks downtown, the statues frame the street corners and honor the legacy of the American presidency. Find your way with the Interactive Map, and learn about each president and sculpture.

Little Artist

Dahl Arts Center

Let creativity flourish at the children’s interactive gallery inside the Dahl Arts Center. Get hands-on during the children’s museum tours and art adventure classes with clay, sketching and painting. Saturday Art Adventures, taking place on the second Saturday of every month, begin with a themed tour through a collection of beauty and inspiration. Then, unleash your creativity through the medium you’ve just explored on tour, including creating clay characters and painting watercolor abstract masterpieces. This experience is free, with all ages and all skills welcome!


Stroll through the heart of downtown, and you’ll notice vibrant pops of color beaming from an alleyway. Spark your artistic imagination as you pick out your favorite mural at Art Alley, nestled between 6th and 7th Street. The ever-changing alley embraces freedom of expression and serves as a canvas for creative minds to share fresh works of art. 

Eager Adventurer

Dinosaur Park

Put your outdoor skills to the ultimate test at The Outdoor Campus West. Learn to fish and hunt during Children in Nature classes; explore the prairie and wetland habitats along nature trails; touch noses with life under the sea at the freshwater aquarium. Educational classes are held year-round, free of charge!


Hike along miles of trails through Skyline Wilderness Area, and arrive at Dinosaur Park to roam with seven prehistoric beasts—a Brontosaurus, T-Rex and Triceratops, to name a few. Imagination is required, and climbing is encouraged. The park was born in 1936 upon discovering that dinosaurs of the Late-Jurassic and Early-Cretaceous periods once roamed the ridgeline. Located on a sandstone mountain overlooking the Black Hills and Badlands, 100-mile views await at the top.


A quick look at this itinerary was included in the visitor guide.