Guest Blogger Wade

Wade Ellett

An Illinois native, Wade made his first trip to the Black Hills during his honeymoon in 2015. That first visit was all that it took to get him hooked, and he's happy to be a permanent resident of the hills now.

John David Guest Blogger

John Green

John currently works in the Department of Community Development for the City of Rapid City as a Land Use Planner. In his spare time, John enjoys being outside and exploring the Black Hills with his fiancée, Stephanie, and their two dogs.

Tyson Steiger Director of Convention Sales


Tyson is an All American boy born and raised in small town South Dakota. With a love for life and quotes, Tyson’s favorite motto’s are, “rise above” and “live with passion”.

Anne Orban

Anne Orban

After 25 magnificent years in Rapid City, Anne traded the Black Hills for some of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains. While she loves high altitude living she misses all the must See's, hidden gems, and food back home.

Guest Blogger Kris

Kris Monroe

Kris, a South Dakota native, regularly travels from coast to coast in pursuit of the next creative endeavor but always returns to the Black Hills to enjoy the solitude and beauty that is hardly rivaled by other areas of the country. 

Adrian Munoz

Adrian Munoz

Adrian was born and raised in the small town of Hill City located 26 miles southwest of Rapid City. Growing up in the Hills, he's always been passionate about outdoors. Some of his favorite activities include hiking, fishing, skateboarding, and traveling with his beautiful fiancé, Zoe.

Tessa Kopren

Tessa Kopren

Tessa is a South Dakota native that currently calls Rapid City her home. Growing up only two hours north of the Black Hills she loves exploration and adventure. She is known as a Jackrabbit on the eastern part of the state and attends South Dakota State University.

Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson

A year ago, if you would have asked me what I wanted to do for a job, I would have said something along the lines of “Be the next Taylor Swift.” Recently, though, I’ve discovered something else that I’m passionate about; writing about my travels or vlogging.

Guest Blogger Liz

Lisa Papada

Travel? Why yes she does. From Abu Dhabi to San Diego, Lisa comes from an eclectic family whose personalities will inspire future comedic films. She’ll do close to anything that will give her an adrenaline rush.

Guest Blogger Kevin

Kevin Stinehart

If the question involves adventure, his answer is always "Yes"! Kevin is an elementary school teacher by day, a visual artist by night, and a travel vlogger with his family during the in between times; they spend their weekends and summer breaks jamming every moment full of fun and travel.

Guest Blogger Liz Beatty

Liz Beatty

Liz Beatty is a mom of four small children who enjoys sharing their adventures as family. They enjoy being outdoors and discovering new places. Liz hopes that by sharing their travels and tips that other families might have a more enjoyable, well-informed, and stress free vacation.

Danielle Benne Director of Marketing


Best known as “Dani”, this a-smile-can-change-the-world kind of gal thrives on creativity, positive vibes and meaningful quotes. She currently shares her talents as a designer, copy editor, email marketing guru, consistency upholder and website guardian for Visit Rapid City.

Cody Wiseman Communications Manager


Despite only living in Rapid City for 12 years, this adventurer is glad to call the Black Hills his home. Actually seeing him is rare as he is usually huddled behind his camera trying to capture anything and everything that catches his eye.

Kelsy Peterson Social Media & Content Manager


Raised in Rapid City and lucky to call it home, this outdoor enthusiast loves to explore the Black Hills with her husband and two dogs. When she’s not at work you’ll find her out hiking, at a local ice cream shop, or perhaps home taking a nap.