What to do at Crazy Horse Memorial

The world’s largest mountain carving in progress is a site to behold. However, there’s a long list of things to see and experience while visiting the Crazy Horse Memorial® that go beyond this jaw-dropping piece of work. Explore the grounds, catch a special event, and uncover the history and people behind the mountain carving. Here’s what your day at Crazy Horse Memorial® could look like!


Take a Special Tour

Rustic Bus Ride

Grab a ride on the bus. Costing just four dollars a person, visitors get to enjoy a tour that takes them to the base of the mountain for a close-up view of the Crazy Horse carving. Kids ages six and under get to ride for free!


Take the opportunity to stand face-to-face with Crazy Horse. Visitors who make a select charitable gift to Crazy Horse Memorial® get the remarkable experience of standing on the arm of the memorial. It’s as close as it gets.


Crazy-Horse-Memorial Mountain-Carving-Gallery

Explore the Campus

The Native American Educational And Cultural Center®

Built from rock blasted off the mountain during carving, THE NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL CENTER® displays one-of-a-kind exhibits, unique educational opportunities and hands-on activities. Learn about American Indian history and culture through one of the storytelling sessions, witness flute playing, or song and dance.

Korczak's Home - Tour The "Big Room"

After living in a tent for the first several months of the carving, Korczak built the log home that still remains as part of the visitor’s complex. Today, visitors can tour the “Big Room’ of the home which showcases antiques like the Marie Antoinette’s mirror.

The Mountain Carving Gallery

See what it took to start, and will one day be, the largest mountain carving in the world. A visit to the Mountain Carving Gallery will show how this Memorial grew into one that honors all North American Indians. Take in the detailed pictorial progressions of the face carving, view tools used by Korczak in the early years and learn more about phases of the carving yet to come!

Laughing Water Restaurant

Touring the grounds can work up quite the appetite. Good thing delicious food with a spectacular view is waiting for you at the Laughing Water Restaurant®. Popular items to try are the Tatanka Stew, which has prime cuts of tender Black Hills Buffalo, or the Native American Taco which is served on traditional Indian fry bread!

Gift Shop

Make sure your visit to the memorial includes browsing in the gift shop! Here you’ll find the perfect keepsake to take home and remind you of the one-of-kind experience you had at Crazy Horse.



Attend an Event

Laser Light Show

Sunset can’t stop Crazy Horse from shining. From Memorial Day weekend through September 29th, visitors can watch as the laser light show called “Legends in Light” illuminates the mountain side. Timing of this event changes throughout the season so be sure to view the schedule on their website before visiting.


Twice a year, Crazy Horse Memorial® hosts the most popular organized hike in America. During the Spring and Fall Volksmarch, visitors from around the world come to hike out onto the arm of Crazy Horse. It’s one unforgettable experience.


To add to an already fantastic experience, Crazy Horse Memorial® also hosts Native Performers and Storytellers from the end of May until the end of September. With Crazy Horse as the backdrop you can experience a remarkable look into this culture. Performances have set times that are listed on the Crazy Horse website.