Mount Rushmore Anniversary

Celebrate 75 Years Of Big Memories

The story of Mount Rushmore begins in 1923 when historian Doane Robison had a big idea to bring more people to the Black Hills. He contacted sculptor Guzton Borglum and the big idea became monumental. Borglum believed this project had to be timeless and relevant to our nation’s history, a Shrine of Democracy. In 1927 work began on the monument and after 14 years the faces of Mount Rushmore were completed. October 31, 2016 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Completion of Mount Rushmore. Celebrate this historic monument now or in the near future by exploring all the monument has to offer.

As you approach the observation deck, you’ll probably need a moment to take in the striking beauty of the 60-foot faces in front of you. When you’re ready, find the Presidential Trail. This half mile loop provides various picture perfect views of the presidents. Plaques along the trail highlight the four faces and what they represent. Find more Mount Rushmore Facts & Figures in the Sculptors Studio. This structure, built in 1939, served as a second studio for Borglum. Today it houses the original scale model of Mount Rushmore and exhibits that explain Borglum’s vision for the monument. If you don’t feel presidential enough after seeing the monument, taste history with a scoop of Thomas Jefferson’s original recipe for vanilla ice cream.

Mount Rushmore is spectacular during the day, but just wait until you see it light up against the night sky. During the summer months, the Evening Lighting Ceremony will give you the opportunity to see the monument in a goose-bump inducing perspective. Find your flag in the Avenue of Flags leading up to the monument and marvel at its magnificent contrast against the night sky. You may have questions about the monument as you gaze upon it. Find the answers in interactive displays in the Lincoln Borglum Visitors Center, as well as a brief documentary-style video with original footage captured during the carving process.

What Does Your #MyRushmore Look Like?

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time seeing it, Mount Rushmore evokes a feeling of awe. These feelings can be different for everyone. To you it might mean hard work and achievement to others it may mean imagination and determination. Share what your Mount Rushmore looks like by posting a selfie with the monument on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #MyRushmore for your chance to win Mount Rushmore and Rapid City gear! This is the last month to enter so hurry and post your photos using #MyRushmore!

Oh, Those Questions?

After 75 years there’s been plenty of rumors about Mount Rushmore. If you’ve never visited or haven’t been in a while you may have a few burning questions about the Shrine of Democracy. Wonder no more, we’ve got the answers to your big questions.

A Big Exhibit For A Big Monument

To celebrate years of history behind Mount Rushmore, The Journey Museum & Learning Center created an exhibit highlighting the significance it holds for Rapid City, South Dakota, and the United States. 


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