Sports Event Planners

Before a grandstand of presidents, the warrior spirit comes alive. Drive sets fire to the will to win. Rapid City sports complexes are home to inspired competition, but sports events here become more than just a game. Here, teams don’t just compete; teams come together. Camaraderie can be powerful yet elusive, and you can rely on Rapid City to help inspire teamwork on and off the field. What participants experience here remains with them for years to come – long after they forget the final score, they’ll remember being here, experiencing Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills. But more importantly, they remember doing it together, fulfilling the promise of team spirit.

Rapid City will make your event a big success. Our years of experience partnering with sports groups, car and motorcycle clubs and special event owners have regularly left participants and families wondering how their event could have been any better. Let us know how we can make your event or tournament the best it can be.

Attendance Promotion

We want you to have a well-attended event in our city! That’s why we provide brochures to encourage attendance and promote awareness of Rapid City and the Black Hills.


Your event is important to us, so we like to let everyone know “you’re in town.” We can send a news release to our local newspaper, TV, and radio stations.

Property Consultation

Helping you find the right facility to meet your needs is important to us. We can acquire the necessary information from the various properties in the city to ensure your requirements are met.

Program Planning

When the time comes to plan programs and tours for your attendees, we can assist you with contacts and ideas. We can lend assistance for spouse programs, speakers, entertainment, and pre- and post-event tours.

Registration Assistance

Experienced, on-site registration personnel will assist you with distributing welcome packets and providing information about the area. We furnish four hours for the first 100 attendees and two hours for each additional 100. Time in excess of this would be charged to the organization.

Name Badges

To save time at registration, we can prepare your name badges in advance. We need to receive the necessary information at least ten working days prior to your event.

Visitor Guides

While you are in our area we want you to see as much as possible, so we provide Rapid City Visitor Guides for each attendee.

Team Friendly Dining

You've got a team to feed and we get that! Rapid City offers a wide selection of dining options to satisfy the hunger. Whether you're looking for a relaxing, quiet location or a chuckwagon experience, we've got you covered. Contact us for help finding Rapid City's team-friendly dining options or if you need assistance to make your dining experience memorable. Be sure to confirm arrangements in advance as group accommodations vary by location.

Sports Facilities

From softball and baseball to rodeo and motocross, Rapid City has you covered for your sporting event needs. See what we have to offer with our large sports complexes.

Sports in Rapid City

Competition knows no bounds in Rapid City. You can race epic single-track, make a power play, and hit one out of the park without traveling more than two miles. Follow that with a 30-minute drive to Mount Rushmore, a tour of Badlands National Park, dinner at the Firehouse Brewing Company, and good night’s rest in one of 40 hotels, and you’ve turned a competition into a vacation. Welcome to Rapid City, where competition knows no bounds and hospitality always exceeds expectations.